Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Hey!

In 7 hours this little boo will be taking his first plane ride! Miles, Papa and I are heading to Southern California to visit my family for two weeks. Hell yes, friends! Wish us luck on the flight.

11 Questions

Have you guys seen this 11 Things post floating around?  The lovely Jess tagged me so heres mine.

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them.
11 Random Things
1. I have no clue how to exercise! Not one damn clue. I somehow talked my way out of any physical sport that was mandatory in school and I way that girl dragged to the gym by her friends who smoked cigarettes on the outside treadmill... ya pretty pathetic but its just not my thing. After Miles was born my poor body needs some TLC so this year I may need to buck up and actually do something about it. But in all honesty I'm hoping it magically disappears tomorrow.

2. Five years ago I impulsively became engaged to a man I knew for nearly two months. Seriously. Four days before the wedding he left me. Seriously!! It was really painful and confusing but if he hadn't realized that we were being crazy I would have never moved to Portland, met Steve or had our son.

3. Ever since I was a wee one I would leave my mom love notes by her door or in her purse. Even now when she visits I always make sure to sneak a note or two in her bag reminding her how great she is. Like a good mama she keeps them all.

4. Our baby boy, Miles Waylon Wolf,  is named after three righteous musicians. Miles Davis, Waylon Jennings and Howlin' Wolf.

5. I use to be really embarrassed of thrift stores. When I was in grade school I felt humiliated and poor going into a thrift shop with my mom. Shopping there symbolized not being able to afford new things which when your young means more then it really should. Im not sure when it changed for me but buying second hand is pretty much the only way I shop now and in fact thats how Ive learned to make a living. Not to mention I find it thrilling to thrift! 

6. Steve is 15 years older then me. 

7. I really want to take sewing lessons this year. I would love to be able to make things for Miles and alter my own clothes. I actually really like hand sewing but using a sewing machine would make things much easier and a lot less time consuming.

8. I love love love June Carter Cash's voice. This is one of my most favorite songs. 

9. It drives me insane how clueless Steve is on the computer. Ohh I love him dearly but Im pretty sure Miles can type faster then him. For reals. 

10. I would love for my beau to build us a green house this summer for our backyard. He has a major green thumb and its the sweetest thing to watch him tend to his plants. We have a great size yard and Id love to spend some time in it this spring to make it look as dreamy as this.

11. I'm a lousy bike rider, aliens freak me out, I get major hair envy and I don't know how to whistle. 

 Questions from Jess
1. Who's your #1 celebrity crush? 
Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal
2. What's your zodiac sign?

3. Do you feel your age?
Mehh, Sure

4. If you already have a kid(s)- do you want more? If you don't- do you want to have kids?
Ya know, We arnt too sure. We both feel great about having one child but that may all change when Miles gets older and we miss having a little one around.

5. Which movie character (not the star playing them!) do you think you're most like?
I have no clue.
6. What's your favorite cocktail ever?
Whiskey Ginger
7. If you could trade places with any blogger for a week, who would it be?
Probably Naomi from Rockstar Diaries or the babes over at Oh So Lovely Vintage.

8. Could you have ever been a contestant on Fear Factor?
I never watched the show but I definitely couldn't eat crazy bugs.
9. Are you a morning or night person?
 Night. I'm most creative and motivated at night. Also baby M sleeps till 9 or 10 every morning so we take our time waking up.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well we are in the works to open a vintage mall here in Portland by next year so that will definitely be up and running, have a happy and healthy family and more road trips.

11. If you had to live in a reality tv show, which would it be?
We don't watch cable so I'm out of the loop with reality shows but I do love American Pickers. Those guys have my dream job.

Questions for the ladies Ill be tagging: 
1. Do you collect anything?
2. If you could travel any where in the States, where would you go?
 3. Whats your favorite Bill Murray movie?
4.Who is your all time favorite band/ musician?
5. Are there any hobbies you want to pick up this year?
6. If you could visit a different time era which would it be?
7. How did you come up with your kiddos name(s)?
8. What is the best thing you thrifted lately?
9. Are you a picky eater?
10. What is one thing you miss about being pregnant?
11. Would you rather spend a day with Woody Allen, Elijah Woods or Clint Eastwood?

I tag whoever wants to play!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Window Shopping for Miles

Here are a few things that me and my cutie pie are drooling over on Etsy lately.
Also check out this killer deal I found on baby Minnetonka boots.

(We just received a sweet package from them last week!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Before we were mama and papa

These photos make me smile so big!

Sweater swag

 Look how sweet these elbow patches look on my little boos sweaters. Want to make this for your kiddos clothes? Easy schmeezy my friends! Well in all honesty when you have a fussy hungry baby by your side all day it may take a little longer then expected but so worth the cuteness. 

1. Draw oval shapes on your paper to make a stencil.
2. If your going to add patches to different sized shirts be sure to make a variety of ovals.
3. Trace and cut out your stencil on any choice fabric. 
4. Mark where your babes elbows are for accurate placing and then start your sewing.
5. You can use a sewing machine but I prefer a hand sewn look.
6. Fold the arms over to check for symmetry. Don't sweat it if their a little crooked.
7. Try an unexpected print for your next patch.
8. All finished! Pretty damn adorable right?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby belly

Hi! Look at my strong baby boy go! Papa and I have been practicing tummy time everyday with this showoff and man does it make my heart swell with love to see him grow. Being a mom rules!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Around the house

I bought these old wooden milk crates from Craigslist weeks ago to display my boots and bags at the mall space. I ended up bringing the extra ones home that we used as end tables next to the couch and beside the rocking chair. Their a really rad magazine and record holder and with the added shelf we can store smaller books or knick knacks. With one left over I gave it to papa and he nailed it to the wall and used it as a painting easel (brilliant!). These crates were an awesome find and make for cool looking affordable side tables.

Monday Mornings

Hi! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty lazy to tell you the truth. Our dear friends Cheyenne and Valerie found out on Friday that they are having a boy! We are over the moon and cant wait for Miles to have a best bud. Papa and the soon to be papa went out for celebratory drinks that evening and ended up hurting pretty bad the next morning. My poor sweetheart was so damn hungover Saturday that he ended up in bed most of the day and all our plans went out the window. I'm happy to report that Miles had impeccable timing when it came to Steve changing his diapers that day. The perks of not drinking right now is no hangover. Win! Sunday we made french toast, did a little thrifting, gave M a nice warm bath, Steve went skateboarding and I watched Funny Face then we met up with our expecting friends for pizza. Today papa takes a big test to join the electrical union and I might just get to a few craft projects Ive been putting off. Fingers crossed for Steve to do well on his test!

Today's lunch!

Three smart DIY projects 1 2 3

A few favorite songs that make me dance Beach Boys  Ella  Kiss  Mel  TLC Probably in that order too.

So cool!

Beautiful home wedding.

I just tried Nutella for the first time and yum!

A very heartfelt and helpful letter.

I want to make one for Miles.

Really pretty paper goods.

Fun idea for kiddos.

Oh our bed really needs this.

You can make this and it will be adorable. And then you can make M one...

Two really great instant movies on Netflix 1 2

Happy Monday friends.

Friday, February 17, 2012

My mountain man

My oh my, this little peach turned two months old yesterday! Its funny being a new mama because my brain is thinking that he is still so itty bitty but my heart is sad that these past two months flew by and the first year will most likely follow with speed! The pediatrician check up went great minus a few shots in the leg where he let out big crocodile tears and then took a long nap. Dr. Janie took his weight and measurements and after looking at his growth chart assured me that he is a strong and healthy baby. Go Miles!

Miles Waylon Wolf
Two Months old
12.12 lbs
24 inches long

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Once I had my baby babe and put my job on pause I realized that Miles and I have waaay to much time on our hands now. We sing and dance to records, go for ice cream walks, thrift shop, rearrange our home and a little in between. During the winter time our house plants need a little extra TLC so I move most of them to bright window sills around the house for maximum love. We're pretty fortunate to have great big windows throughout our home but the living room is where most of our not so healthy plants end up going. After we took the Christmas tree down a while ago I wanted to move a few things around. I took out a chair that nobody sat on, moved around the plants and made a switch for the rocking chair which we use the hell out of. A small number of changes but I like it!

(read on for After)

Window shopping

A little over a year ago I discovered Etsy and started my jewelry store Midnight Riders. Since having Miles I haven't made any new pieces which is a bit disappointing but totally not realistic right now and sort of went on an Etsy hiatus. Now that things are settling at home I can find time to leisurely window shop online. Here are a few favorites Ive come across lately.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love holidays and pretty much any excuse to make or find fun gifts for friends and family. However my darling Steve doesn't share my same enthusiasm. So over the past few years Ive learned to drop subtle hints to my sweet clueless friend to subconsciously remember what I want. Is this a jerky move? Heck no, I think he wants the help and in this case I really wanted my pretty vase. 
But in all honesty HE is the BEST valentine I could ever want!
This morning I woke up to an impressively mushy hand made card, this AMAZING deer vase I saw months ago at an antique store (and flowers!) and delicious pastries from the bakery down the street. Well done my wonderful other half, you surprised the hell out of me!

From me to you

So this is what I'm thinking, I would love it if I could do a monthly thrift exchange with three friends. I thrift shop about 4 times a week in search of items to sell in my mall space and because Im always bringing home a wide variety of kiddo clothing and kitschy home goods I figured Id share the wealth! For instance I am always finding boots that aren't my size and vintage girl clothes that are too small for my nieces so I just end up selling them which is great but would be even greater to have a particular person in mind while shopping next time. And really how many damn owls can I hoard all to myself? I think that this will be a really fun way to make special packages to my blog friends and get a little something sweet in return!
Heres the plan, We exchange addresses and our children's sizes and sometime in March we will send our gifts to one another randomly. Amount of items and price is totally up to each individual person but it just has to come from a second hand store or a yard/estate sale. I'm totally excited about this and I hope you play along!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mornings

Steve's family took off today to head back to Idaho. It was a lovely visit and really special to see them with their first grandbaby. Also let me just say having four extra hands around the house to love up and hold baby M was delightful! I took a nice long nap both Saturday and Sunday just because and it was magical (even though I had a baby on my chest for one of those naps..still!) I think today I may head out to a few thrift stores I don't usually make it to and I may just have papa watch the babes while I run my errands. Things are certainly getting into a smooth groove around here and we're loving it! Our home is really mellow around winter time and having Miles join our lives has held no exception. The cats are extra lazy and seem to forget about how much they hate each other in agreeance to share the bed at night. Theres talk of having a dog join our family this summer but for now we have our hands full with a baby and two stupid cats.

Nation wide thrift store finder is AMAZING!

This butter dish makes me so happy! Yup, a butter dish folks!

Loving these boots.

Such creative business cards.

Four new favorite blogs 1 2 3 4 

Papa and my next project!

I sort of have a baby boy shoe obsession going on... Alright and a big boy one too.

Adorable DIY valentines.

Overload of cuteness in this online children's magazine

This mama is amazing! 

What a beautiful wedding. Swoon! (make sure to check out part two of it)

Happy Monday friends.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Papa time

Steve's dad and step mom are visiting from Idaho for a few days and it was pretty awesome comparing these photos of my sweetheart to Miles. I loved listening to all the stories they had of little Steve and the mischief he caused. I guess one day Ill have my own stories of Miles being a wild boy!

Lets be friends!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hi, Hello!

Hey guys! I miss it around here. Lots of sweetness is happening around my home lately. Miles is changing every day and weighs almost 13 pounds and is 24 inches long now! Say what!? Yup, hes a biggie. Its sort of funny because we actually had a hard time getting him back up to his birth weight for the first three weeks. I started obsessing over his eating, not to mention the lactation specialist had filled us in that I have thrush. So because my poor boobies were in pain and were medicating we had to formula feed him half of the time. Once we started formula he gained weight in no time and I could start worrying about the next thing to know its the truth, that's how our new mommy brains work! If I can brag for a moment and say that Papa and I are so very blessed to have radical child. He is a wonderful sleeper, enjoys the car, LOVES to eat and rarely cries (but totally does fuss, hes not a robot baby!) Hes having a hard time not sleeping on my chest at night so our goal this week is to be repetitious with him laying on his back in my arm nook. Not only is he just too heavy to sleep on me now but its becoming a real pain on my neck and back. 
Miles, papa and I are heading to southern California to show off our wee one to friends and family the beginning of March. We cant wait for sunny days and family love! Papa is staying for a few days but babe and I are going for almost two weeks, Hell yes vacation! 
For some reason music wasnt a huge part of my life during my pregnancy and its very unlike me. So lately Ive been picking up a few records here and there and am really loving music time at home with M. We dance around the living room and he smiles when I sing terribly off key to him. I cant wait till hes a little tyke and we can sing our favorite songs together! Now ya'll have to know that I am way out of touch with pretty much all new music so our jams usually consist of Thin Lizzy, The Stones, Nina Simone and lots of 70's southern rock. Miles sure doesn't mind. 
(Read on for a major picture overload)