Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lets take a vacation!

My kiddo and I are flying into San Diego bright and early Monday morning for almost two weeks! We are surely going to miss papa dearly but am so excited to see my family back home. I can't wait to squeeze my nieces, go to the movies with them and take Miles swimming! I'm traveling smart this time- one smaller suitcase inside a much larger one for all of the loot I bring home. I seem to always do my best thrifting while out of town and almost always have to borrow an extra suitcase to bring all the new junk home in. Did I mention that we are really going to miss my honey? Fingers crossed for a smooth flight!

Stella Saves The Day giveaway winner was reader CB. Thanks for entering!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram Weeks

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by!? One thing is for sure, Portland's sunny days are the best! In true Pacific Northwest nature yesterday was overcast and today is beautiful. Tomorrow will probably rain. Next week marks my 3 whole years of living in Oregon! During my time here over the past few years Ive met a lot of amazing folks including my dearest Steve, Midnight Riders Jewelry happened, opened a vintage booth at an antique mall, started a blog (yay!) and had a dreamy baby. A slew of other great things have happened along the way including moving into our cool old home but most importantly I have done some serious growing within myself. While living in Southern California, I started to see myself turning into a major brat and I knew in order to make improvements in my life I would need to be Oregon bound. I have become a strong woman, a loving mother and a devoted partner over this time and I feel pretty dang proud of it!


 Sweet potatoes were a big hit! 

Day dreaming (while parked!) of our upcoming trip to California. 

Cool kiddo!

 Still working on balance...

 Bumbo helps with that!

Good thrift finds but alas they were too big.

When lying on his tummy he taps both his feet on the floor at the same time. Pretty stinkin cute!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On my mind

Michael Caine + Natalie Wood (source)

My girlfriend and I were talking the other night about how Papa and I are going to the Portland court house in August to tie the knot and how keeping it simple lately is our jam. My family is taking a road trip here so we figured it would be nice timing to get married then. Steve's parents will join as well. I played around with the idea of having a small backyard wedding/party for friend and family but I honestly didn't think I could handle planning it by myself now with Miles in our lives (he keeps me pretty busy). Luckily, my sweet friend totally offered to help me organize it and keep me on track with my budget. Rad! I'm thinking it would almost be better to have our families in town for the official court marriage but then a few weeks later enjoy the celebration with our friends at our home. Sounds groovy, right? 

A very sweet home wedding.
Love the lights and chairs. What a warm party!
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
Cool idea for anything.
Pretty pretty.

Everyday by Buddy Holly on Grooveshark

Monday, June 18, 2012

Half a year

Six months old, Yahoo!! 
18 pounds 15 ounces
27.5 inches long
Cute as a button

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers First

Have a special day with the papas in your life!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Miles and his moccasins

This past week I sorted through all of bubbies clothes that he has already grown out of. I set aside a handful of special pieces that I want to hold on to and the rest I bagged up for our friends and resale. It was wild to look at all of his tiny clothes he has outgrown but fun to go through the stored bins of clothes that will actually fit him now. Its cool to see him wear some of the moccasins that I collected this past year. It's pretty incredible to think that Miles is already six months old! I was thinking about pregnancy today and how the last few months weeks felt like eternity. I wanted to see my boy SO bad! I imagined holding him in my arms a thousand times, kissing his sweet round cheeks. I was anxious about not exactly knowing how to be a mother and if I would be a good one at that. I wondered if his face would resemble papas or what his hair color would be. I consistently collected moccasins for Miles because I think in a small way they helped me feel connected to him in something that I could actually touch and see. He has around 12 pairs now and hardly wears any of them (who knew my baby would have the chubbiest feet!?) but when he does it's a pretty damn cute sight to see.

  I watched We Bought a Zoo last night and it was super sweet. I basically cry during every movie now. Me and my 9 year old niece are total sissies like that. Steve is real good at making fun of romantic comedies, most comedies, anything with romance, sensitive characters, Matt Damon, happy endings, Elizabethtown... Needless to say I made him leave the room. Oh, and drop on by the giveaway!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Untitled #3
I am so excited about sharing this weeks giveaway with you friends! Stella Saves The Day is kindly offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win their choice of jewelry between a hearts and daggers bracelet, custom charm bangle or a personalized double heart necklace. Jennifer Shingelo is the Brooklyn based designer behind Stella Saves The Day, named after her Great-Grandmother. The charms and components that Jennifer carefully chooses are vintage deadstock or American-made. She is committed to using environmentally friendly materials along with donating 5% of her monthly sales to A global movement to end violence against woman and girls. 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly Finds

 I only made it out to a few thrift store last week but I did find some terrific things on the cheap that made up for the lack of volume. This Peter Max enamel pot makes me so happy! It doesn't look like it has been used and I think I will keep it that way.

I was incredibly lucky to find these terracotta Native American storyteller dolls in such fine condition. I sent my mom a quick photo to find out a little more information and apparently they are representations of the way Native Americans passed on stories and the history of the various tribes to their children before a written language was developed. Far out!!

 I love the turquoise details. 

 This cutie pie copper wire owl is MINE! I'm very selective on what I keep for my home and what goes to the shop but this one is too sweet to sell.

 I might just need to keep this one as well!

 This small chalkboard is charming and double sided.
 If this silly little wagon didn't cost me 50 cents I think I would have passed but I have a feeling Miles will have fun pulling toys around with it.
The wee one is such a good boy when being read to. Hooray! He sits deep into my arms nook while I narrate the story and rub his belly.

 Four pretty Pyrex "friendship" mixing bowls for four dollars? I think so!


The last two months at the antique mall have been a little slow and recently Ive been weighing my options of taking a break from my space during the summer and just focusing on primarily selling on Etsy. I really enjoy having an actual place to tend after but online sales seem to be more lucrative right now. The inventory in my Etsy store will overflow with radness so I'll be sure to make a formal update.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

 My little boyfriend and I shared some extra special moments laughing our tushes off the other day. I wish you all could have heard the silly noises I was making to get him to laugh! Oh, and what a fantastic, contagious laugh my boy has. Who would have thought a couple of knuckleheads would have made such a happy, loving, easy kiddo? These photos make my heart skip a tiny beat and feel all mushy inside. I just love him so.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Cool books for cool kids

This here book is the sweetest! The illustrations are darling and the colors are fabulous. 

  An Elephant Is Not A Cat by Alvin Tresselt and Wilbur Wheaton Iillustrated by Tom Vroman

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Home

 I picked up these hairpin leg plant stands for $10 last week at a flea market. Seriously, such cool finds!! Ive been needing a little motivation to change around my living room and these did just the trick. I only focused on rearranging half of the room during bubbies nap but I am so happy with how it turned out. Moving the large plants away from the front windows opened the living room up a lot and exchanging an unused chair for a more comfortable lounge chair made so much more sense. Miles and I are loving this bright space for our morning reading time!