Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mornings

Steve's family took off today to head back to Idaho. It was a lovely visit and really special to see them with their first grandbaby. Also let me just say having four extra hands around the house to love up and hold baby M was delightful! I took a nice long nap both Saturday and Sunday just because and it was magical (even though I had a baby on my chest for one of those naps..still!) I think today I may head out to a few thrift stores I don't usually make it to and I may just have papa watch the babes while I run my errands. Things are certainly getting into a smooth groove around here and we're loving it! Our home is really mellow around winter time and having Miles join our lives has held no exception. The cats are extra lazy and seem to forget about how much they hate each other in agreeance to share the bed at night. Theres talk of having a dog join our family this summer but for now we have our hands full with a baby and two stupid cats.

Nation wide thrift store finder is AMAZING!

This butter dish makes me so happy! Yup, a butter dish folks!

Loving these boots.

Such creative business cards.

Four new favorite blogs 1 2 3 4 

Papa and my next project!

I sort of have a baby boy shoe obsession going on... Alright and a big boy one too.

Adorable DIY valentines.

Overload of cuteness in this online children's magazine

This mama is amazing! 

What a beautiful wedding. Swoon! (make sure to check out part two of it)

Happy Monday friends.

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