Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer sale!!

 Hi friends, I have finally opened up a month long shop over at Big Cartel starting today! There are lots of woman's boots, children's shoes and a big sale on my Etsy shop jewelry! Come around and check out all of the rad merchandise that was just added. 
Enter code MILES to receive a 15% discount on your purchase for the first week!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In with the new!

 I'm a major nut for rearranging and accumulating things for my home and luckily since I thrift shop so often I usually find awesome things on the cheap! I have actually been on the look out for a cool booster seat for Miles but was avoiding Etsy and other online shops because of high shipping costs. Last week I made a quick pop in to my space at the antique mall and because the wee one was sleeping I made a fast run through to check out the new merchandise. Well what do you know, I found the sweetest seat at an even sweeter price for my boy and let me tell ya, he loves it! The wood and leather are super easy to clean because these days there is cracker and cookie mushy stuff on everything.

 Two Sundays ago while driving to work I passed a yard sale by my house with this super radical lamp on the lawn. I was so annoyed that I couldn't stop and snag it before anyone else could but luckily when I came home that evening my sweet hunk of a man bought it for me. He even found a good spot for it next to our bitchen' religious art. It unfortunately didn't come with a shade but thankfully I had this cool fiberglass one given to me by a girlfriend just waiting to be used. Check out the awesome light inside the green base!

While my mom was visiting last month she stopped into my neighborhood Goodwill and found this awesome wood folding divider for $10. Sadly, it's missing two top pieces but never the less its pretty dang cool. Miles has been getting into everything lately including our plants. Remember these fun plant stands I scored? Well, my mischievous boy kept pulling them down so to save the headaches papa moved the screen in front of the stands to help divide the plants from the kid. I thought instantly he would try to knock over the screen (only a matter of time) or pull the stands from underneath but luckily he hasn't been interested. I'm sad that I cant enjoy my pretty plants right now but at least this way they still get plenty of sun.

The winner to last weeks All About Heidi giveaway is Janelle! Thank you everyone who entered!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miles lately

Miles has been doing some major growing this past week. Milestones that melt a mama's heart, let me tell you! Lately, the little one has been bumping his head into everything and getting hurt so I didn't take exceptional notice when while sitting on the floor he fell over and bonked his head. When I heard the loud thud I scooped him in my arms and saw that his mouth was filled with blood. He had cut in half the piece of skin that is from the top lip to the two front teeth. HOLY CRAP! I called his pediatrician to find out how serious this was and if would I need to take him to the hospital. Fortunately, she told me it's very common for babies to injure their mouths when they are figuring out balance and strength and that the wound would heal on its own. Miles was being super mellow so that also helped calm me down. Later on that evening while brushing my teeth, sweet baby boy moved from his room to the bathroom and before you know it was standing up while holding onto the tub. I seriously couldn't believe what I was seeing! This was such an awesome moment as a parent! Then the next day he stood up holding onto the couch and took four steps forward. WHAT!! Luckily I recorded that on my photo to show Papa later. I was so proud of my kiddo. Feeling a little overzealous, Miles later decided to hold onto the coffee table one handed which led to him bonking his lip and reopening his healing mouth. Thankfully my pediatrician was right about his mouth healing fairly fast and painless. Three weeks ago Miles got his third bottom tooth in and just this past week one more joined. Thats a total of eight teeth now! Thursday we had a great family night. Papa and I listened to records and ate pizza in the kitchen, talking about our funny son and laughing our asses off. That same evening Steve noticed Miles actually hands and knees crawling for the first time instead of hands and stomach scooting around. For some reason I didn't pay much attention to it until the next day when I saw him graduate from doing the worm to now actually crawling. Yahoo, little one! The rest of the week I have been doing major pick up after my rug rat because for some stupid reason I would rather go nuts cleaning up after him then start baby proofing the home. Lets see how long that lasts!

Friday, August 24, 2012

And now we're married!

We have finally come to the last of our wedding photos. Thanks so much for joining in on our wonderful day! 
Read on for more after the ceremony photos.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


These are just a small handful of photos from our ceremony. I was SO excited and I could tell that my sweet husband was feeling a bit nervous and overjoyed as well. Looking into his eyes and saying our commitment to one another was pretty damn amazing. 

We were so overwhelmed with happiness. We were married now- RADICAL!!

(Pssst.. don't forget about the All About Heidi giveaway!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Before the wedding- part two

 The afternoon of the ceremony is a little fuzzy to remember. During this time we waited for our reverend who was an hour late so you can just imagine my nerves during this time. Miles wasn't feeling so hot either. A tooth had broken in a few days after the wedding so I think my babe was a little achy and not his normal smiley self. I love the photos of Steve and Miles together. My husband is one foxy fox! The photos of my mom and I are super special too. She is one hell of a woman! She worked so hard to make everything extra wonderful and I am so grateful for her support and strength. I wish I would have gotten more photos of Steve and his father John. His dad is such a cool man. Him and his wife Carol are the kindest folks and are so loving with Miles. Steve's sister Erin luckily made it out for the event as well. She flew in the night before from Idaho and left super early the next morning to head back for work. So rad of her to join us. My three sweet nieces are AWESOME! Seriously, these girls are so much fun to hang out with. Taylor, my older girl, handed us the rings while Lily, the middle sister, was the flower girl. We suggested that they both walk up and hand us the rings but Lily insisted that only boys do that and girls throw flowers. Duh! She even asked if Miles could be the ring bearer and have someone walk him up. That girl! Taylor took the position as "ring girl" and so Lily was in charge of flowers. My sister made our turquoise and red velvet cake and it was freaking delicious! At the start of the day I was wishing that we had invited all of our friends but honestly by the end of the evening I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness that it only seemed appropriate to share it with the people we love the very most. The evening was intimate and memorable and I am so thankful to have had our families by our side. 
My father unfortunately could not make it to our wedding due to work obligations in Los Angeles but sent all of his love our way. Not having him be apart of that day was super sad for me but I know he loves Steve and I so much and we will celebrate when we visit him in November.
(read on for more photos of before the wedding)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Before our wedding

 We got our wedding photos back last week so all this weekend I have been editing (to the best of my abilities) the photos taken by our super talented friend Jenna Biggs. She took close to 800 photos that evening so it was a tough one to try and narrow it down to 300 of my favorites.
These photos were taken in our neighborhood right before the wedding. I drove past this area a few weeks prior to our celebration and I just knew it would be a great background for our photos. Isn't the wall texture and color awesome!? For the rest of the week I will do a few more wedding posts so you all can take a peep into special, RAD day! 

 I love how we matched. This was not planned by any means. Finding the dress and shoes happened the day before the wedding and we got lucky with Steve already owning this great shirt that complimented my turquoise shoes.


 My sister is awesome! She is hands down my very best friend and my go to for everything. I love love love her!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sponsor Welcome

Today's sponsor giveaway is with the adorable children's shoe line All About Heidi. I had first heard about these precious shoes when Em over at The Beetle Shack did a giveaway on here blog. I was instantly attracted to the simple but smart craftsmanship owners Jette and Manuka put into their shoes. The label was born in Australia by the foxy duo whom both share a passion for creativity and an appreciation for natural and organic materials. All About Heidi shoes are so drool worthy and come in the most exciting colors but most importantly bring fun to the first adventurous steps of little kids.

 Because my hunky boy couldn't have the pleasure of wearing these sweet shoes, I asked my girlfriend Susan if she would like a pair for her darling baby girl Addison and in return do a little review on what she thought of the line.
 "All About Heidi shoes are so adorable!  The leather is SUPER soft which undoubtedly is very comfortable for the little lady.  They're very well constructed.  Every time she has worn them out, I have gotten so many inquiries and compliments.  They are just so unique and beautiful!  Another thing I really liked about these shoes is that they fit Addison really well.  She has long, narrow feet and a lot of baby shoes are really wide so they look weird on her.  Since these shoes are made of that really soft leather that is essentially just one piece, they can accommodate either a really thin foot or a really wide, chunky one.  I adore them!!"
"P.S.  They double as teething toys too" 
 Hi, love bug!
 The lovely ladies at All About Heidi are generously offering one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of your own (well, for that sweet baby girl in your life)!

To enter simply:
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Please leave a comment below with your choice and email address and on Monday August 27th I will randomly pick a winner. Good luck!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

8 months of rad!

Hey kiddo, You are eight months old today! Hooray!! 
Miles Waylon Wolf, you are one magnificent little person and we love you like crazy.