Wednesday, January 23, 2013

See ya!

I'm taking advantage of Miles' nap time with finishing up packing and taking a minute to sit and eat my pb&j. Let me tell ya, packing as a family is way more difficult then packing for just one. Miles and I traveled a lot last year so I feel like I have flying with a baby on lock down (who the hell am I kidding?) but when your ocd about organization like me, trying to get everything in order for a three week vacation is a doozy! Steve, Miles and myself are heading to Southern California to visit my hometown and spend time with my family and friends and I am SO excited! Steve's only staying with us till next week but Miles and I are sticking around a little longer. We're going to be spending time in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Mexico but we are going to be totally missing Papa as soon as he leaves! Well, I probably should get back to it before bubbie wakes up. Wish us a safe flight!
Oh ya, check out Miles' sweet booty and socks courtesy of dad!

DIY awesome denim jackets

Hey friends, I know it's been a little quiet around here but we have been on the mend from the flu. No fun at all but thankfully Miles seemed to dodge the pesky sickness! In between taking care of my sick hubby and chasing around a crazy boy, I managed to do a pretty cool and easy DIY for my kiddo's denim and I LOVE the way they turned out.
 fabric of your choice (choose a cool pattern that will stand out)
 denim jacket or vest
sewing pins
needle + thread
1. Cut a basic outline of the fabric you're going to sew.
2. Line it up to the jacket as best as you can, pin it down and do your final cutting so that your fabric is perfectly placed for sewing. 
3. Sew the fabric to the denim, take your pins out and your done!
A few tips...
- I hand sewed mine but feel free to use a sewing machine.
- I chose to work with the top half of my vest but another cool idea is to add more fabric to the front of your denim next to the collar and about the top pockets.

This was another fun addition to one of Miles' jackets! I had the red leather fringe burning a hole in my craft pile so I finally decided to use it on my kiddo. It looks totally wild and maybe a little silly but I absolutely love it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Us lately

(His legs are getting so looong!)
 For some reason blogging lately has been the last thing on my mind and a big question mark when planning my posts. I love having this space to document Miles' growth and meet new friends but sometimes life gets too busy or in my case too sleepy to always keep up on here. Anyways, with that said our new year has been happily full with plans of starting a small children's line with my awesome girlfriend Lindsey! I am so excited about this project and I can't wait to fill you in on my details next month! Next week the family and I are heading to Southern California to visit my folks. I am SO looking forward to spending time with family and friends in a warmer location. Portland is pretty damn chilly right now.
Miles is hilarious lately. He's walking real great and gives super awesome hugs! He has been teething like crazy and just got his top two molars in last week. He had his very first photo shoot last week for a Fred Meyer ad that couldn't have gone any better! The photographers loved him and he totally enjoyed being photographed. His agent emailed me tonight to schedule a Hanna Andersson shoot tomorrow! I'm so dang proud my little pal! 
This weekend I started an Instagram shop of old clothes of Miles and other cool stuff, so be sure to follow us for great sales Milesshop.
Also, check out the jewelry giveaway I'm doing over at The Charley Girl!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toddler Miles

Miles and I love going to our neighborhood park a couple times a week. It gives us a chance to interact with other families and get out some energy. But when you live in a wet city like Portland you need to have other go-to places during the rainy months to stay dry and warm. I've been talking to my neighbor about fun things to do here for kiddos Miles' age and she suggested the Children's Museum and generously gave us her pass (rad!). Since the last few days have been cold and rainy I thought it would be appropriate to take advantage of our awesome new score and spend the day there. The two of us spent over three hours playing and exploring the museum and still didn't even check it all out. This place is great and we will definitely be making it a weekly habit for us.

 Miles was in looove with this cool train set!

Watching Miles grow is hands down the COOLEST thing ever! He's looking so much like a toddler these days now that he can walk and has way more fun playing with other kids his age.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Around the house

Oh hey! It's been a while since we did a little house tour. Not too much has changed over the last few months but I thought I would share where me and boy spend most of our time. 
 I know our house is pretty cluttered with "stuff" but that's what makes this place our home.
 I love our plants corner! Steve takes really good care of all of our greens and surprisingly Miles doesn't mess with them.
Read on for more photos.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve

 We joined Papa on Christmas Eve to watch him skate at an indoor park here in Portland. Miles was in totally awe! Steve took a few laps with him in his arms and Miles could not stop laughing and smiling. He was for sure a proud papa! Our boy took a little spill on his cheeker while sitting on dad's board but beside from that he was beyond fascinated!

Pinterest to-do list

Well Pinterest, you have done it again! I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite Pins each week that I will try and do myself. Fun, right!? Are you on Pinterest? Follow me!
I'm pretty sure I saw this project a few years ago but I love this idea and would like to start it this year.
Such a cute valentine! I should make one of Miles to send to grandpa and grandma!
I love this little sweethearts leggings! I am crazy about the knee patches and am going to try and make a pair for Miles. We'll see... One of my goals for this year is to start sewing again and hopefully start a small children's clothing line of leggings, ponchos and vests. I better start brushing up on my skills asap!

A few weeks on Instagram

 Well hello there, 2013! How ya doing!?
Well, my sweet boy chipped his two front teeth today. Not too sure how it happened but at least he wasn't in pain. Dentist this week!
Hey, little helper!
 A few of my favorite Instagram photos from 2012
 He is getting so big!
 These two...
 Enjoying a sunny afternoon.
 Coolest kid!
Quick thrift pop in a few weeks ago!