Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hi, Hello!

Hey guys! I miss it around here. Lots of sweetness is happening around my home lately. Miles is changing every day and weighs almost 13 pounds and is 24 inches long now! Say what!? Yup, hes a biggie. Its sort of funny because we actually had a hard time getting him back up to his birth weight for the first three weeks. I started obsessing over his eating, not to mention the lactation specialist had filled us in that I have thrush. So because my poor boobies were in pain and were medicating we had to formula feed him half of the time. Once we started formula he gained weight in no time and I could start worrying about the next thing to know its the truth, that's how our new mommy brains work! If I can brag for a moment and say that Papa and I are so very blessed to have radical child. He is a wonderful sleeper, enjoys the car, LOVES to eat and rarely cries (but totally does fuss, hes not a robot baby!) Hes having a hard time not sleeping on my chest at night so our goal this week is to be repetitious with him laying on his back in my arm nook. Not only is he just too heavy to sleep on me now but its becoming a real pain on my neck and back. 
Miles, papa and I are heading to southern California to show off our wee one to friends and family the beginning of March. We cant wait for sunny days and family love! Papa is staying for a few days but babe and I are going for almost two weeks, Hell yes vacation! 
For some reason music wasnt a huge part of my life during my pregnancy and its very unlike me. So lately Ive been picking up a few records here and there and am really loving music time at home with M. We dance around the living room and he smiles when I sing terribly off key to him. I cant wait till hes a little tyke and we can sing our favorite songs together! Now ya'll have to know that I am way out of touch with pretty much all new music so our jams usually consist of Thin Lizzy, The Stones, Nina Simone and lots of 70's southern rock. Miles sure doesn't mind. 
(Read on for a major picture overload)

Miles was about three weeks old here. Sweet little hairs!

 Mom visits!

 SNOW in our backyard!

George and Willow rotate nap spots during winter. 

 Miles and papa morning time.

Miles and mama morning time.
 M's cutie pie moccasins! 

Our dear friends tied the knot! (check out that sweet baby bump!!)

Those eyes! Those lips! That chin! That belly! Swoon! 

 So much love in my heart for these two!

 Hes checking out mamas lips!

Sunny days in Portland are marvelous! 

Good lookin!

I love this photo of him! Check out those furrowed brows!

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