Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

The weather has been D R E A M Y lately! A Springy 76 yesterday! Steve's working his tush off making me new display fixtures for my larger space so it's just going to be my little pal and me for most of the day. I don't have any real big Easter plans for us so we might just soak up the sun, eat strawberry shortcake and bug dad in his work shop till her plays outside with us!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A happy birthday gift

Steve recently celebrated his 40th birthday and I wanted to surprise him with a gift that he needed and would actually use so I figured I couldn't go wrong tools. Both of our families pitched in to give him 10 $40 gift cards to Home Depot which I individually wrapped and hid in an old tool box found at a yard sale. I still wanted to give him something special from myself but was running out of time to hand make something cool. Luckily I searched on Etsy for local items and found a company, Image 3D, that sells old school View Masters with personalized reels. So awesome! I was able to pick it up the next day here in Oregon and surprise him on his party.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Us lately

 I had a whole post dedicated to why I haven't really been blogging lately when at last minute I decided I didn't really need an explanation, life gets busy, plain and simple. I'm a mom to a fast paced, curious little boy who has me going non stop till around 11 at night and my alone time lately consists of Pinterest on my phone. I still craft, I still thrift and I still photograph all of the awesome things he does all day but finding time to write about it sometimes gets away from me. Most of my free was going towards a children's clothing line that a partner and I had been working on over the past few months. Unfortunately plans fell through so now I am working on a plan b. I could say so much more about the situation but I will share that I'm working on starting my line independently now. I'm also moving into a much larger area at the antique mall so I've been focusing my attention towards my new space and all the awesome changes that come with more room. Having a husband that can build just about anything is the best! Speaking of husband, Steve just celebrated his 40th birthday on Tuesday! We had a big bbq on Saturday with our friends and enjoyed a weekend off together. On his actual birthday Miles did the unthinkable and went to bed before 9 (!!) so Steve and I had a few drinks together, laughed our asses off and ate way too much cake. We had fun! 
Last week our cat Willow scratched Miles' face and left a nasty bruise under his left eye. Miles is pretty affectionate with our cats and she usually tolerates him but this time he grabbed onto her too rough and she hit him back. Poor babe looked pretty banged up for a few days. Thankfully after a half an hour of crying he forgot all about it. The weather last week was killer so we spent a lot of time in our backyard and at our neighborhood park. We can't wait for summer around here. Being cooped up indoors with a mobile kiddo can make us all a little wacky after a few months. Thankfully this winter hasn't been too crazy in Portland so we've had some nice days in between the rain. The upside to staying home more often is being able to work on forgotten old projects and a few exciting new ones.
 A recent haul of pretty shoes to the antique mall.
An exceptionally warm day!
 Hanging with dad.
 Snaking on fruit strips (the start of his bruised eye).
 Miles loves to climb! He likes to hang off of things too :)
The culprit.
Nap time in the car always lasts longer then at home!

Friday, March 8, 2013

What Miles Wore

 If you know me at all, you know I really love dressing my kiddo!
Sometimes people think that because you have a boy it's more difficult to dress them in cool clothes other then onsies with sports teams and animals on them. Honestly, I have way too much fun in the boys clothing sections then the girls and most of the time we go to the girls section for unisex jeans and leggings.Over the last few years a lot of shops have started to introduce really funky/fashionable boy items and Target, H&M and Old Navy are just a few of the affordable options out there. We have really good luck finding unique and inexpensive shoes and clothes at resales clothing stores and thrift shops too. He has so many awesome sneakers and moccasins that I purchase from other mamas online or resale shops and surprisingly I always find his Converse at thrift stores (he has six pairs of hightops he's waiting to grow into!!). Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. I find that he always looks extra adorable when wearing printed leggings with bright shoes and striped socks. Because we frequently are complimented on Miles' fun style, I thought it would be cool to do a weekly post on "what Miles wore" to show how I mix a little bit of new, thrifted and vintage into his outfits.