Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweater swag

 Look how sweet these elbow patches look on my little boos sweaters. Want to make this for your kiddos clothes? Easy schmeezy my friends! Well in all honesty when you have a fussy hungry baby by your side all day it may take a little longer then expected but so worth the cuteness. 

1. Draw oval shapes on your paper to make a stencil.
2. If your going to add patches to different sized shirts be sure to make a variety of ovals.
3. Trace and cut out your stencil on any choice fabric. 
4. Mark where your babes elbows are for accurate placing and then start your sewing.
5. You can use a sewing machine but I prefer a hand sewn look.
6. Fold the arms over to check for symmetry. Don't sweat it if their a little crooked.
7. Try an unexpected print for your next patch.
8. All finished! Pretty damn adorable right?


  1. Omg that's the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Doing that to Molly's plain long sleeves!! Xx

  2. OMG! so cute! i wish i knew how to so, i would so do this for my boys