Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cool Books for Cool Kids

 Since finding out I was pregnant with Miles I started collecting neat old books to one day read aloud to him. I have found some serious gems while thrifting and with a sizable collection going, I would like to share them with you weekly. Aside from the sweet stories, most (especially vintage) books have exceptional illustrations that are seriously swoon worthy.

Straight Lines, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines by Mannis Charosh Illustrated by Enrico Arno 1970
( Ok, so this isn't a story time book for my little boyfriend but the illustrations are rad regardless!)

Teeth, Cheers and a Tambourine

 Hi pretty friends! How the heck was everyone's three day weekend? Ours was pretty excellent. Lots of bbqing and extra time with papa. Miles currently has three teeth cutting through so bed time has been a little uncomfortable for my babe. He is actually taking the whole teething process a whole hell of a lot better then I would have expected so we really got lucky there. I on the other hand have had the unfortunate luck of having headaches/migraines all weekend long so mama wasn't quite her normal self. This weekend I also finally got caught up on the new season of Mad Men. I'm all over the place emotionally with this season. One of the earlier episodes left me feeling really down and upset for the rest of the day. Why!!! When Steve came home I had him watch Miles so I could distract my irritated self with pastries at a near by bakery. It totally worked. Also Steve and I are watching Cheers on Netflix... We are really cool and exciting like that. Oh hey, Im on the look out for a tambourine for me to play to Miles. Nothing fancy at all but If you come across one while thrifting and happen to not want it for yourself, please hold onto it for Miles and me. I will gladly pay you...duh. 

 Poor bubbie and his teeth.


 About a month or so ago Alyssa Nassner of Small Talk Studio sent me over two really special prints from her Etsy store. I have been taking the very looong path to finish painting and redecorating our bedroom but I have been on the hunt for a collection of very cool prints. I instantly fell in love with all of Alyssa's beautiful hand illustrated pieces and found myself the owner of the Beetle Identification Chart and the Lunar Cycles Risograph. I have been on the lookout for the perfect piece of art to fit an awesome tooled leather frame that I purchased while thrifting last year and I could not be happier with how the Lunar Cycles Risograph fit the style of the frame. 
Small Talk Studio is kindly offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win one 8 x 10 print of your choice from her shop!
For the chance to win:
-Please comment below stating which print you would like to win.
-follow me on Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect.
For additional entries share this post on facebook/twitter/pinterest/instagram
Leave a comment(s) bellow telling me you did with your email address included and on Wednesday June 6th I will randomly pick a winner. Good luck!!

 My print at home. Looks pretty great, right!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Instagram weeks

 My sweet dreamy boy is getting big. Fact!

 Bye Papa! Taken a few weeks ago before leaving to Las Vegas.

This ones a favorite of mine! 

Trying on his cousins sunnies. Silly baby!

 My best friend- My sister (and Ella!)

 Those are sleepy eyes.

 Finally ready to finish painting our bedroom! I'm sick of looking at two walls that are partially painted.

 Aw, Willow cat. This baby girl is by my side at all times.

Quick stop thrifting finds: a woven basket for toys, this sweet teddy xylophone and pretty pattern fabric.

Hi baby, Whatcha thinking about?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home is where I want to be

These three buds and myself hung out in bed till almost 11:00 yesterday morning! Honestly, the entire day looked a lot like this and it ruled so hard. There are some days that I just don't want to run errands all day schlepping baby in and out of the car and with the return of rain this week I leaped at the opportunity to stay dry in our warm home. Proudly we only left the house once to Trader Joes to pick up rosemary bread, oatmeal soap bars and chocolate pretzel yum yums (obviously this was an important TJ trip) but other then that we parked our asses in front of the TV and watched The Holiday and Rango with frequent snoozing and playing breaks. Tonight when papa came home he kindly removed my armful of Miles and shared sweet laughs and beard pulling with baby. The rest of the evening we ate great food, listened to records and backtracked on a few missed episodes of Mad Men. All in all it felt damn good to be indoors with my wee one doing as little as possible for a change.
 Monday Miles and I went to Home Depot for more paint, Babies R' Us for a shower gift, Target for picture frames and shitwedon'tneed, picked up lunch from a burrito joint, ran through two thrift stores, came home priced merchandise, played lots with babe and then hair color appointment from 6:30 to 10:00. My days look like that way too often and I would like to better manage my to-do lists so that I can accomplish my chores throughout the week instead of jam packed running around everyday. Tuesday felt too sweet to not happen more often.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Miles is getting big, wouldn't you say?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Small Stuff

Miles is one radical little babe. Being a mama is awesome, you guys! This morning we went out to a few different plant sales and farmers markets and this little babe was so happy in my arms, hanging out in the sun. He was laughing and smiling at people and it was just a wonderful reminder that I am so proud to have such a loving baby boy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Weeks of finds

I've been not so great about updating around these parts but nothing too exciting is happening around here lately. Visiting my family in Las Vegas with Miles was awesome and Ill do a post about that next week but since being back home the same ol', same ol' is all thats been happening. Well, Papa did get a new job so hes pretty much working 7 days a week but when he is home he is so much happier. His last job was very rough on him physically and emotionally so coming home from a day of hard work meant that he was sort of not the happiest dude ever and to top it off he would fall asleep shortly after arriving home. This last week Ive seen a major change in his energy and all around spirit. Even though hes working more hes just...happier. Never unhappy with us but working at a shitty job with an argumentative construction team will leave you pretty tense for the rest of the day. Miles has been a sweet boy as usual and will be receiving new moccasins from papa in the mail shortly!! And for this here mama, I am tired. Like really really tired. The past few nights Ive attempted to write on her and have literally fallen asleep mid paragraph but I'm up now with ice cream and all to keep me wide eyed. Portland has been beautiful, absolutely beautiful this past week. Such a treat to return from Vegas to sweet, warm weather in my hometown. Miles and I have been partaking in afternoon hammock swings and outdoor lunches almost everyday this week. Ive been daydreaming about our upcoming wedding party this summer. Ill post about that next week as well. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite thrifting purchases from the last few weeks. A lot of my thrift and junkin' finds go directly to the antique mall so I haven't had much luck with taking photos before they end up there but here are some I recently snapped.

 Aww, These two make me smile.

 I really wanted this Gunne Sax dress to fit. Damn you tiny betches! Oh, I'm kidding....

 Gorgeous soft leather boots!!

 Cutie pie Saltwaters

I'm sort of Osh Kosh crazy!

 Miles has better clothes then me..

 Sweet sneaks for the babe.

While pregnant I started collecting old photo albums for our new family and I'm so happy to add this pretty baby to the pile.

 A dollar for the two was too good of a deal to pass up on these unfinished embroideries!

 "Steve, Miles, Cora" pretty cute right? It's a photo wallet and I'm not sure I'll even use it but it's too sweet to sell.

 These Native American place mats/ rugs were a real cool find.

 These owl planters I keep!! Usually I'm pretty good about selling even the coolest of things that I want to keep but Steve reasoned me into saving these. Honestly, I haven't held onto much of my thrift find besides most of the kiddo stuff for Miles in sometime. My darling man thought it was fine time to keep something for myself. Atta boy and aint he right!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You can do this

Hey good looking, I wanted to share this DIY gift for Mother's Day prior to the holiday but with being out of town I never got around to it until now. I figured it was still worth sharing for an easy gift idea thats fun to make. Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess posted this cute DIY cigar box scrapbook and I thought this would be a really sweet Mothers Day gift for my mom and sister. I didn't have time to make these before heading to Las Vegas last week so I made them at my sister's house on limited crafts and supplies and for the items I didn't have I ended up going to Target and Joann Fabric for the rest.
So I started off by finding two cigar boxes from a thrift store but you could use any box really. I then found pretty gift bag paper that I traced and cut to fit the top and sides of the wooden gift. I added really cute 1970's gingham sticky drawer liner for the inside of both packages. Later I used Modge Podge to seal the top and inside for maximum hold. Since my time was limited and I wasn't home, I ended up purchasing scrapbook stickers to help personalize the two gifts. Joann Fabric and Michaels Arts and Craft stores have a huge selection of scrapbook paper, stickers, cool tape, glitter...seriously you name it!  I've been holding onto a large pile of owl note tags that actually ended up working out lovely for personal notes for my mom and sister. I made copies of special family photos of when we were kids and of our own families now and divided them between the two boxes. This was a really simple project that you can make for family and friends or to keep for yourself to scrapbook your babies first year or your college graduation. You could seriously go wild with all the fun things to add to each box like little paper pockets, feathers or other small treasures. Have fun!