Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mornings

Hi! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty lazy to tell you the truth. Our dear friends Cheyenne and Valerie found out on Friday that they are having a boy! We are over the moon and cant wait for Miles to have a best bud. Papa and the soon to be papa went out for celebratory drinks that evening and ended up hurting pretty bad the next morning. My poor sweetheart was so damn hungover Saturday that he ended up in bed most of the day and all our plans went out the window. I'm happy to report that Miles had impeccable timing when it came to Steve changing his diapers that day. The perks of not drinking right now is no hangover. Win! Sunday we made french toast, did a little thrifting, gave M a nice warm bath, Steve went skateboarding and I watched Funny Face then we met up with our expecting friends for pizza. Today papa takes a big test to join the electrical union and I might just get to a few craft projects Ive been putting off. Fingers crossed for Steve to do well on his test!

Today's lunch!

Three smart DIY projects 1 2 3

A few favorite songs that make me dance Beach Boys  Ella  Kiss  Mel  TLC Probably in that order too.

So cool!

Beautiful home wedding.

I just tried Nutella for the first time and yum!

A very heartfelt and helpful letter.

I want to make one for Miles.

Really pretty paper goods.

Fun idea for kiddos.

Oh our bed really needs this.

You can make this and it will be adorable. And then you can make M one...

Two really great instant movies on Netflix 1 2

Happy Monday friends.

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