Monday, July 30, 2012


This mama and papa are going to be married very very soon. Friends, I am so EXCITED! What a year this has been for us. Both of our families are in town and have seriously worked their tushes off to help make our wedding as lovely as possible. We are so grateful for their love and support and are looking forward to celebrating our marriage with them. Life is good!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One week from today!

Last night papa and I had a real good talk about what is on our to-do list for the next few days involving wedding and family plans.  Dude, this week is going to be heavy. HEAVY. 
Miles sat up by himself yesterday. Balance has been a tough one for my large headed friend but I think he has finally gotten it! While rearranging the art in his room I happened to look back and saw baby cakes sitting upright playing with a tiny coconut guitar. I pretty much melted into a proud mama puddle! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Miles in the sky with diamonds

 4 months old
5 months old

 6 months old
7 months old (teeth!)
sweet, sweet baby

Friday, July 20, 2012

Its all coming together

  Friends, our wedding is in 12 days! Wowza, I'm going to be a Mrs! My family is caravanning from San Diego on the 28th to give me some extra love and support a few days before the ceremony. Thank goodness! Steve's family ventures here from Idaho soon and besides the obvious excitement of the wedding I am so thrilled that both families will finally be meeting. Next week is going to be a heavy one with crafting and planning still to do. Also on the list is a teepee for our backyard so that my nieces and Miles can hang tough without us stupid adults. Here are a few photos of what I have been collecting for our exciting day. The lovely thing about having such a tiny wedding (10 people!)  is that I can afford to really have fun with the details.

 I picked this Portland crate up for $3 at a resale shop along with those killer polka dot tumblers and platters. The crate is my absolute favorite!

Turquoise pitcher and glass set...Yes, please! Papa said it reminds him of the blue milk from Star Wars.

 I have been holding on to these wine glasses for a year now and I have yet to drink out of them. I kept telling myself that I would use them in our wedding and sure enough I am. Several times I came so close to selling these babies at the antique mall but now I am so happy I didn't!

Look, we made the sweetest flower bed!

These lovelies are going in a second flower box papa made for me. Our backyard is large but fairly flat and boring so I think the flowers will add a nice depth to the area.

I had to add this photo of Miles Waylon Wolf, my best pal in the world. 

On a side note- We went to the pediatrician this morning to check out his clogged tear duct issue thats going on (no biggie) and she said that it looks like he has more teeth on bottom and top coming in shortly. Ahhh, poor babe! He has been super needy and in pain lately and it just sucks, man! Seeing your child in pain is not a fun thing let me tell you. However with a lot of extra smooches, cuddles and laughs this wee one soon forgets about his aches.
Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Far out finds!

 While in California a few weeks ago a close family friend generously gave me over 10 boxes of fun treasures to bring back home to Portland. I sorted everything into two piles of what I would be packing in my suitcase and what my mom would have to drive up. Here is just a tiny peek at what was inside these bad boys.

Loving the bright colors! 
 So cool!!

 There was lots of bitchen old Disney items. I saved most of it for Miles and his room.

The silhouettes are probably my most favorite thing I kept. 

Ya know, I didn't do much other thrifting while out of town which is crazy bizarre for me but I just wasn't feeling it. I was so happy and busy with the boxes I received that I felt it compensated for the lack of  other picking that didn't happen. No biggie! I love thrifting as much as the next but when you do it to make an income (my mall space and Etsy) sometimes I can feel burnt out. Ok... well that's a lie because I absolutely love thrift shopping while on vacation however this trip I felt like I needed a little break from everything including my phone and internet. The few thrift stores I did manage to squeeze in were real gems though!

Ooohh, I love these sweet babies! I have lots of love for cutie pie salt and pepper shakers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram Week- Two


 This little car is the absolute coolest! He gets such a kick out of it.

 Bummer dentist day while in California. Bummer! 

 Trying to crawl so bad!

My best bud and I went to a cool Native American Pow Wow that day.

 Check out these twins!

 I love his sleeping face.

Two weeks away from home was too long!

Instagram Week- One

Happy Monday ya'll! I am feeling super focused and excited for this coming week of wedding errands. Feeling real good, my friends! When it comes to planning a party I become a micromanaging piece of work, let me tell you... but honestly I have to just keep reminding myself to keep my cool and enjoy the ride. Thankfully only our immediate family is attending which is less then 10 (hallelujah!!) so it makes for a very special but small evening. The heaviest planning that papa and I are doing is getting our backyard to proper shape for the ceremony which entails gardening and flower planting. I have been wanting to get around to this since moving into our home last year so I am super excited to be having this done now. Today Miles and I are planning on doing some major plant shopping and dress hunting. Wish us luck!

 Love this kiddo soo much!

 Car was stuffed with flowers and garage sale finds- Good Saturday in my book!

You can't beat a weekend bbq with your friends.

FIRST night out without the menfolk! Great company and drinks with ma girlfriend.

 A sweet little find.

 Got these two a little something something...

 Papa and babe were stoked! This book is seriously too cute.

Hey nakey!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Color pop

I scooped up this brass wall basket from my mom's home last year during an estate sale she was having. This brassy baby has been extra useful at night for my phone, Nook, diapers, binkys...stuff you need at arms reach at 3 in the morning! Since painting our walls a more dramatic shade I really wanted to bring in more pops of bright colors and I figured pink would do just the trick.

Hey, baby long legs!

These barkcloth curtains are super cool. They help brighten the room a lot and the print is way funky!