Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekly thrift finds

I am so in love with all of our colorful finds from last week! I found the eagle cushion at an estate sale for fifty cents! It's totally handmade and has wheels on the bottom too. I was so happy to find another large woven basket to store blankets in the living room and Miles has fun dragging it around. The clogs unfortunately don't fit (too small, too big dammit!) so I hauled them to the antique mall already but the Southwestern tapestry is a keeper! We're talking about updating our bedroom right now so I'm excited to incorporate this in our design.
 I SCORED on these vintage state pennants while visiting my mom a few weeks ago. A huge pile at such a killer price and there was even an Oregon one too!
I picked up this super cool vintage pedal car for Miles and we already have big plans on restoring it for summer. Miles' feet don't quite reach yet but he's enjoyed climbing all over it and being pushed by papa.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shopping tips!

Miles shopping

Hi mamas and papas, over the past few months shopping with Miles has become a real challenge at times. Walking was a major game changer with my kid. He wants to run and explore everything possible when we're out which makes running to the store an hour long trip with a few tantrums along the way. Being a mama that picks and sells we are out at thrift stores, estate sales and target (duh) all day long but the number one thing I always try and remember is that my kiddo has a limit to his patience and if he's hungry or tired or even over stimulated it can increase irritability and at that point my errands can wait because my kiddo can not! I know as parents we try and use as many tricks to keep our babies from being out of control so I thought I'd share what helps our outings to be a little more tolerable these days.
1. I know most kids hate wearing sunglasses and hats but my boy loves them so to keep his hands occupied he plays with them and puts them on his and my face a good billion times.
2. STICKERS RULE! Seriously, this is a new one for us and he loves it! I keep a pack of stickers in my bag so while we wait in line it helps distract him. I stick them all over us and he has a blast taking them off my face and hands.
3. I recently added a ton of educational games and videos to my Nook so that Miles can play with it while in the shopping cart or car.
4. We try not to give Miles too many sweets but Redvines are the best and take forever for kiddos to eat.
5. Music makers are awesome toys and keeps your kiddos hands busy. Miles is usually happy sitting inside the cart playing with his light up guitar and tambourine.
6. SNACKS! Baby food pouches, fruit bars and string cheese are our jam! Miles is always hungry so I bring food that's easy for him to independently east while we are out for the day.
7. Snack container and drink leashes are genius! Miles is a thrower so being able to attach his sippy cup to the cart makes life just a little bit easier.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

my kinda kid!

Happy Weekend, y'all!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Right before we headed back to Portland I asked my old friend Isaac Gibbs to photograph Miles for his portfolio at Balboa Park in San Diego. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I finally got to meet his lovely ladies Dana and baby Rosie. Also, my awesome girlfriend Susan and her daughter Addison joined us down there so that was an added bonus to our day. Isaac sent me over 20+ photos last night and I am in love with every single one of them! Love, love, love!
 Helping my little pal out :)

A steady home

Well, we are back home and happy. I'm missing my family terribly but I absolutely love being home with hubby. It has taken me a good week to start feeling back to normal around here. I promise you that I finally just unpacked our suitcases tonight, blahh. Two naps a day, bananas and peanut butter, thrift shops, post office, dinner prep, dad's home around 6, catch up on our fave shows, bath time... it's all pretty basic stuff but I'm thankful to have a routine somewhat back in action. I know I haven't been keeping up on the blog lately and frankly I've felt a little lackluster towards the whole blogging world over the past few months. Since Instagram keeps me vaguely up to speed on what my favorite mama bloggers are up to, I feel like my time has been more directed towards mellowing out with Miles at night and getting to be early instead of being on the computer till 2 (Ahem, like tonight!). I have a few awesome DIY plans for next week, fun projects too! Plus, our vacation photos!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last minute Valentines!

Well hi, hello! I wanted to share Miles' Valentines that we sent to our families this year. I found this ADORABLE diy on The Paper Mama's blog and couldn't resist making our very own. If you're looking for a great last minute Valentine for your family or friends I would totally suggest this one. Very easy instructions and was almost under $10! So cute right!?
On a side note, tonight is our last night at my moms. So sad but SO ready to go home to my husband and kitties! Three weeks is a long time to be away from home let alone with a little guy in tow. Thankful for my time with my wonder family and friends but can't wait to see papa!

Friday, February 1, 2013

funny face

My best bud!

here we are

 Well, I've got to say that the past week has been such a wonderful whirlwind of family that I haven't really bothered with the computer much and that's seriously alright with me! I've finally started to go through my emails from last week and am so freaking excited about these dreamy photos that the crazy talented Margaret Jacobson took of my boy for his portfolio. I absolutely adore these photos of him and can't wait to frame them when I get back home. Be sure to check out her beautiful kiddos awesome style too!
Papa headed back to Portland Tuesday afternoon and right after we dropped him off my mom, Miles and I headed to Las Vegas to hang with my sister for a few days. Unfortunately the day we arrived my sister and her two youngest got hit with the flu pretty bad and by this evening my mom was in the same boat. Damn!
Miles has been teething heavily since we left Portland so nights have been terribly rough for us but thankfully my darling nieces have been wearing him out during the day. Miles has changed so much since the last time we were with them so it's been so much fun watching them all play together this trip.
I've been slowly working on a children's clothing line with my sweet girlfriend Lindsey and having finally chosen a name and logo design makes me feel like we are headed in the right direction! I've been gathering fabrics while thrifting and Lindsey is working on mock ups of our designs so when I get back to Portland we're going to start finalizing all of our ideas and get this party started. Pretty exciting, people!