Sunday, January 29, 2012

My boy

I am madly in love with this face!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mama and Miles

My mama is here! Hot off the plane from San Diego. This is her first time meeting her grandbaby so we are SO excited around here! Its a short visit but nothing is better then having your mom around even if its for just a few days. Poor Miles has no clue how many thrift shops, antique malls, delicious restaurants and museums we are going to schlep him to.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow days

Look, SNOW! Every time it snows in Portland Im out of town in southern California but Im here now!! It started a few days ago (when the picture was taken)  but nothing was sticking and finally tonight we looked out our windows and everything was white and glowing! Steve was laughing at me jumping around the house yelling about it. We took Miles outside all bundled up for a minute but he didn't dig the cold wet flakes falling on his face. Im sure by morning it will all be melted but Im glad that M and I got to experience our first snow in Portland together.

Our love list

Our love list

1. We love Zutano's Itzy Bitzy line! Their prints are adorable and kimono style tops are so easy to put on.
2. Naked Juice helps recharge me on days when eating is the last thing on the list. 
3. Seinfeld is the greatest! Sometimes we just need a good laugh.
4. I love the color of these Aldo booties. Their really comfortable and were a killer deal.
5. At first I was going to get this book on audio because I heard Tina Fey does a great job narrating it but I settled for the book. Either way its an awesome read!
6. This hat is super soft and looks so sweet on my boys head.
7. I love this anchor sweater from Old Navy. I can't wait for my wee one to where it in a few months.
8. Miles and I both have a good collection of  denim jackets going on. You can always find them thrifting and their great for layering.
9. I have a real hankering for owls and this cutie towel for Miles is no exception.
10. My sister got me these Lotta clogs for my birthday and I pretty much wore them non stop through out the end of my pregnancy. Their really comfortable and go with just about anything.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New to us

I wish I had 30 extra minutes a day to just kick back and relax on the computer to google, youtube, blog and dream shop my little heart out! I have so many things I want to post on here about my new life as a mama but my sweet little babe has me all tuckered out. However I am here now! Miles is taking a quick snooze so Ill keep this short.
Holy smokes, I have a son!! It blows my mind to know that I am this sweet boys mother forever... forever! Having Miles in our life is MAGICAL. Steve is a wonderful papa and has taken up diaper changing and swaddling like a true champ. Fatherhood looks damn good on him! 
Poop, pee, penis, nipple, boob... Never thought I'd use these words (all of them) so much in one day but I do! Woman who have boys know that changing diapers and not getting peed on takes real skill. We have not mastered this quite yet, but we sure get a good laugh out of it.
Did I mention how much I love my boy?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Three weeks already!

Dude, Blogging is really hard to do with this little fella around!