Friday, February 17, 2012

My mountain man

My oh my, this little peach turned two months old yesterday! Its funny being a new mama because my brain is thinking that he is still so itty bitty but my heart is sad that these past two months flew by and the first year will most likely follow with speed! The pediatrician check up went great minus a few shots in the leg where he let out big crocodile tears and then took a long nap. Dr. Janie took his weight and measurements and after looking at his growth chart assured me that he is a strong and healthy baby. Go Miles!

Miles Waylon Wolf
Two Months old
12.12 lbs
24 inches long


  1. how the hell is it possible that i was not already following your blog?


    i'm about to hit your archives pretty hard.

    xo em

  2. My baby girl was two months on the 3rd of march and had her first shots yesterday. Vaccinations make you officially feel like the worlds worst mother!! Your buba is adorable, if your ever in Australia come for a play date, my little Viené would love it!