Monday, February 20, 2012

Around the house

I bought these old wooden milk crates from Craigslist weeks ago to display my boots and bags at the mall space. I ended up bringing the extra ones home that we used as end tables next to the couch and beside the rocking chair. Their a really rad magazine and record holder and with the added shelf we can store smaller books or knick knacks. With one left over I gave it to papa and he nailed it to the wall and used it as a painting easel (brilliant!). These crates were an awesome find and make for cool looking affordable side tables.


  1. These look awesome! I can't find any around here for less than £20, which is like $47? SO annoying! I am very jealous! Ahah xx

    1. Dang, I scored on these 14 for $30! Keep looking and good luck :)

  2. OH!! I love those crates! I've been looking for some exactly like that. I never thought to check craigslist! Your home is adorable. :)