Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My strongmans first Halloween!

Have a safe and fun Halloween, friends! 
East Coasters, we are thinking of you so much and sending our love your way!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 We spent a lot of time this past weekend outside, mainly in our backyard, enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather we are having. You really can't go wrong with this time of year in Oregon and even though rain greets you almost daily, it feels like home to me now. Moving from my hometown of Southern California I only assumed that I couldn't brave the cold and rainy winters Portland offered. The first year was naturally rough but soon I acclimated to my new home and found that I really loved our colder months with all the layering and snuggling glory that comes with. Three and a half years later I wouldn't be any where else with my favorite guys.
 Every Sunday is like a holiday to us. Steve enjoys his only day off, Miles and ma hang all over Papa and as a family we usually go do something fun together. Sundays are the best! We had planned to go to a really wonderful pumpkin patch that we had gone to last year but the pouring rain had other plans for us so we settled with a really sweet farmers market instead. I'm so thankful that Miles is with us this year. He makes everything one billion times better!

 Hi Dad!
 These are the beauts we took home.
Miles and his first skateboard. Best buds!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flower antlers DIY

Hello Friday, I'm so excited to share this weeks diy with you! We have a few sets of antlers hanging in our home and as much as I love them (which I do because their mine), I wanted to make a pair a bit more feminine and fun for our living room. I've seen this done before with white orchids and I loved the way it looked but I wanted to try using a richer color to compliment the gold plaque and our dark orange walls. This was a pretty fast and affordable project that made my antlers look even more unique and I can't wait to try a different color on another pair. 
wood mounting plaque
fake flowers
craft or spray paint/ paint brush
hot glue
screws/screw gun
*check on Etsy for your antlers. This shop has an affordable selection. Also, Joann fabric stores carries wood plaques in all different sizes and has a great selection of artificial flowers.
1. Start off by painting your wooden plaque the color of your liking. I recommend choosing a mellow background color so that your flowers are the main focus.
2. Once your paint has dried, center your antlers and screw them carefully to the piece of wood.
3. Hot glue three or four flowers to the base of the antlers.
Viola, super cute and ready to hang up somewhere special!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thrifting loot

Hi friends! I have lagged on sharing my thrifting finds from our trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago but don't fret because here are a few of the goodies we scored plus some recent gems. The rain has made its return to the Pacific Northwest which means a bunch of staying in with arts and crafts, movies and working on baby cakes Halloween costume! Have I mentioned how thankful I am to be a stay at home mom!? Speaking of moms, my mama surprised me with a trip to visit us for our birthdays in a few weeks! We have been Skyping every other day so it's making me extra excited to see her. Plus, she's one hell of a thrift shopper :)
 I got these radical booties for the shop plus a few more pairs not pictured.
 I love the boots on the right! Why don't the boots I find ever fit me? Boo!
 My mom picked these kooky boots out, insisting that they would sell and ya know what? They totally did and for a terrific price too!
 These cutie pie finds are for my boy! The skeleton knit sweater is the best. So soft and cute!
 I'm planning to make a few changes this winter at the antique mall including a larger vintage children's space. I'm really excited to bring in more kiddo clothes and shoes.
Ooh, I love the pink genie slippers!
 Awesome Star Wars sheets for my boy when he gets a big kid bed.
 This ones a keeper! I love the colors so much.
 Ohh, this one too! I usually don't keep much for myself that I thrift but I'm a big sucker for comfy couch accessories.
And lastly I found this Darth Vader candy bucket for my baby boy a few days ago. Dad's sort of a major Star Wars nerd so he loved it too.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Papa and babe

If only I could have bottled up his laughs and squeals.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

diy grown-up mason jars!

 I found these awesome animal mason jars on Pinterest a while ago and wanted to make a few for Miles' room. Problem was I just couldn't think of anything practical enough to put inside that he could use so I decided to make them for myself instead (obviously there's a million ideas for kids but when your baby's a baby, you sort of avoid small chokable things, duh). My next plan was to choose more "grown-up" colors versus the bright pallet I was going for with Miles. I decided on black, gold and an icy blue for my animals and a few random things that needed a new home to put in the jars. These puppies were super easy to make and I absolutely love my new, fun storage!
mason jars
plastic toys
glue gun 
spray paint or acrylic craft paint
1. I used acrylic craft paint to paint my animals and lid separately. I found that it was easier to paint all of the tiny spaces evenly if I did the two separately. Note that you may have to add a few coats of paint so give yourself some extra time. Also, I would suggest using Modge Podge after they dry to secure your paint, I noticed mine already started to chip.
2. Once the paint has dried, glue the animals to the top of the lid. Make sure to glue the lid to the metal ring as well.
3. Now add whatever you'd like! Tea, coffee, sugar, beads, jewelry, photos...
Easy as pie!

 I decided to hold my recycled bullet pendents, garlic and harmonicas in mine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sisters, moms and kids

Here's a handful of pictures from our trip last week. Most of the photos were taken with my phone so the quality isn't the sharpest but these are a few of my favorites. 
 Meet Ella. She is the youngest of my three nieces and will be two years old on Thanksgiving. This little one was filled with so much love for Miles and couldn't stop hugging and smooching him. Because the big girls were in school most of the time I was visiting, I spent a lot of my time with the littles. To be honest, Ella has a temperamental streak and energy to boot and I didn't know what to expect when spending so much time with just her and Miles but I've got to say she was a dream! She was funny and smart and really, really loving to her cousin and not to mention adorable!
 These are my favorite girls. ever.
 Lily has really awesome style. Six years old! Check out the super fun headband/crown I made for her!
 This is my sister Clair. She is my best friend and a really great mom. I just love her to pieces!
 Hey Mom!!
 Hi guys!
I was so excited to help Lily on a school project where she had to make a pumpkin resemble a character from a favorite book. Looks pretty cool, right!