Friday, October 26, 2012

Flower antlers DIY

Hello Friday, I'm so excited to share this weeks diy with you! We have a few sets of antlers hanging in our home and as much as I love them (which I do because their mine), I wanted to make a pair a bit more feminine and fun for our living room. I've seen this done before with white orchids and I loved the way it looked but I wanted to try using a richer color to compliment the gold plaque and our dark orange walls. This was a pretty fast and affordable project that made my antlers look even more unique and I can't wait to try a different color on another pair. 
wood mounting plaque
fake flowers
craft or spray paint/ paint brush
hot glue
screws/screw gun
*check on Etsy for your antlers. This shop has an affordable selection. Also, Joann fabric stores carries wood plaques in all different sizes and has a great selection of artificial flowers.
1. Start off by painting your wooden plaque the color of your liking. I recommend choosing a mellow background color so that your flowers are the main focus.
2. Once your paint has dried, center your antlers and screw them carefully to the piece of wood.
3. Hot glue three or four flowers to the base of the antlers.
Viola, super cute and ready to hang up somewhere special!

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