Wednesday, October 17, 2012

diy grown-up mason jars!

 I found these awesome animal mason jars on Pinterest a while ago and wanted to make a few for Miles' room. Problem was I just couldn't think of anything practical enough to put inside that he could use so I decided to make them for myself instead (obviously there's a million ideas for kids but when your baby's a baby, you sort of avoid small chokable things, duh). My next plan was to choose more "grown-up" colors versus the bright pallet I was going for with Miles. I decided on black, gold and an icy blue for my animals and a few random things that needed a new home to put in the jars. These puppies were super easy to make and I absolutely love my new, fun storage!
mason jars
plastic toys
glue gun 
spray paint or acrylic craft paint
1. I used acrylic craft paint to paint my animals and lid separately. I found that it was easier to paint all of the tiny spaces evenly if I did the two separately. Note that you may have to add a few coats of paint so give yourself some extra time. Also, I would suggest using Modge Podge after they dry to secure your paint, I noticed mine already started to chip.
2. Once the paint has dried, glue the animals to the top of the lid. Make sure to glue the lid to the metal ring as well.
3. Now add whatever you'd like! Tea, coffee, sugar, beads, jewelry, photos...
Easy as pie!

 I decided to hold my recycled bullet pendents, garlic and harmonicas in mine.


  1. Those turned out so great! I might have to try this.

    1. Hey thanks! You should definitely do this. I'm also really glad you commented because I was able to discover your blog. Really sweet!