Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 We spent a lot of time this past weekend outside, mainly in our backyard, enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather we are having. You really can't go wrong with this time of year in Oregon and even though rain greets you almost daily, it feels like home to me now. Moving from my hometown of Southern California I only assumed that I couldn't brave the cold and rainy winters Portland offered. The first year was naturally rough but soon I acclimated to my new home and found that I really loved our colder months with all the layering and snuggling glory that comes with. Three and a half years later I wouldn't be any where else with my favorite guys.
 Every Sunday is like a holiday to us. Steve enjoys his only day off, Miles and ma hang all over Papa and as a family we usually go do something fun together. Sundays are the best! We had planned to go to a really wonderful pumpkin patch that we had gone to last year but the pouring rain had other plans for us so we settled with a really sweet farmers market instead. I'm so thankful that Miles is with us this year. He makes everything one billion times better!

 Hi Dad!
 These are the beauts we took home.
Miles and his first skateboard. Best buds!


  1. he keeps getting cuter and cuter...I can't stand it! beautiful family!

  2. Yes, fall in Oregon is wonderful! So many people think that New England is the place to be in the fall (not this year!), but I lived there for 3 years and, trust me, it doesn't hold a candle to Oregon.

    1. You cant beat Autumn here :) I LOVE all the colors going on right now.

  3. The leaves are just GORGEOUS!! That picture on top of you 2 is adorable. The matching plaid & beanie pic... too cute! I envy your weather. :)

    YAY skater babies!! Rock on!

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Aren't the colors fantastic!! Our backyard is so beautiful right now but trust me, I'm taking it all in as much as I can because by next month we are going to have 24/7 rain.