Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thrifting loot

Hi friends! I have lagged on sharing my thrifting finds from our trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago but don't fret because here are a few of the goodies we scored plus some recent gems. The rain has made its return to the Pacific Northwest which means a bunch of staying in with arts and crafts, movies and working on baby cakes Halloween costume! Have I mentioned how thankful I am to be a stay at home mom!? Speaking of moms, my mama surprised me with a trip to visit us for our birthdays in a few weeks! We have been Skyping every other day so it's making me extra excited to see her. Plus, she's one hell of a thrift shopper :)
 I got these radical booties for the shop plus a few more pairs not pictured.
 I love the boots on the right! Why don't the boots I find ever fit me? Boo!
 My mom picked these kooky boots out, insisting that they would sell and ya know what? They totally did and for a terrific price too!
 These cutie pie finds are for my boy! The skeleton knit sweater is the best. So soft and cute!
 I'm planning to make a few changes this winter at the antique mall including a larger vintage children's space. I'm really excited to bring in more kiddo clothes and shoes.
Ooh, I love the pink genie slippers!
 Awesome Star Wars sheets for my boy when he gets a big kid bed.
 This ones a keeper! I love the colors so much.
 Ohh, this one too! I usually don't keep much for myself that I thrift but I'm a big sucker for comfy couch accessories.
And lastly I found this Darth Vader candy bucket for my baby boy a few days ago. Dad's sort of a major Star Wars nerd so he loved it too.


  1. You are such a good thrifter! I have only been to one of our thrift stores in town (one time too so far) and I could hardly find anything. A coffee cup and a pumpkin decoration was it! Maybe if I go more often, I'll get better. :) And Miles is such a little cutie! I love seeing his sweet face on my Instagram feed.

    1. Thanks Katherine! I would say going more often is your best bet. I check out the same local thrift stores near my home at least two to three times a week to see the new turnover. Sometimes going a bit out of your town lead to the best shops. I live in a city that loves to thrift so most of the stores are picked over pretty fast but wondering out into the sticks sometimes can have the best finds. Don't give up :) and thanks for the sweet words about Miles. Hes a ham and pretty hard not to take a million photos of so I'm glad you enjoy them!

  2. Perfect finds! I am so envious.

  3. you're killing me. our thrift stores have nothing of those sorts. lucky you and good eye!