Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram Weeks

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by!? One thing is for sure, Portland's sunny days are the best! In true Pacific Northwest nature yesterday was overcast and today is beautiful. Tomorrow will probably rain. Next week marks my 3 whole years of living in Oregon! During my time here over the past few years Ive met a lot of amazing folks including my dearest Steve, Midnight Riders Jewelry happened, opened a vintage booth at an antique mall, started a blog (yay!) and had a dreamy baby. A slew of other great things have happened along the way including moving into our cool old home but most importantly I have done some serious growing within myself. While living in Southern California, I started to see myself turning into a major brat and I knew in order to make improvements in my life I would need to be Oregon bound. I have become a strong woman, a loving mother and a devoted partner over this time and I feel pretty dang proud of it!


 Sweet potatoes were a big hit! 

Day dreaming (while parked!) of our upcoming trip to California. 

Cool kiddo!

 Still working on balance...

 Bumbo helps with that!

Good thrift finds but alas they were too big.

When lying on his tummy he taps both his feet on the floor at the same time. Pretty stinkin cute!


  1. Loving this post Cora. It's so wonderful to be able to look back and see your own personal growth. Becoming a mum makes it inevitable huh!

    xo em

    1. Thanks Em! Being a mama definitely has shaped me into a stronger, happier woman. Feels lovely!