Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly Finds

 I only made it out to a few thrift store last week but I did find some terrific things on the cheap that made up for the lack of volume. This Peter Max enamel pot makes me so happy! It doesn't look like it has been used and I think I will keep it that way.

I was incredibly lucky to find these terracotta Native American storyteller dolls in such fine condition. I sent my mom a quick photo to find out a little more information and apparently they are representations of the way Native Americans passed on stories and the history of the various tribes to their children before a written language was developed. Far out!!

 I love the turquoise details. 

 This cutie pie copper wire owl is MINE! I'm very selective on what I keep for my home and what goes to the shop but this one is too sweet to sell.

 I might just need to keep this one as well!

 This small chalkboard is charming and double sided.
 If this silly little wagon didn't cost me 50 cents I think I would have passed but I have a feeling Miles will have fun pulling toys around with it.
The wee one is such a good boy when being read to. Hooray! He sits deep into my arms nook while I narrate the story and rub his belly.

 Four pretty Pyrex "friendship" mixing bowls for four dollars? I think so!


The last two months at the antique mall have been a little slow and recently Ive been weighing my options of taking a break from my space during the summer and just focusing on primarily selling on Etsy. I really enjoy having an actual place to tend after but online sales seem to be more lucrative right now. The inventory in my Etsy store will overflow with radness so I'll be sure to make a formal update.


  1. Love the enamel pot and the owl! Such good finds! X

  2. Awhile back you sold a pair of woven wolf earrings to my sister, on your jewelry site. I've looked for another pair everywhere! Do you remember them, and if so do you remember where you got them? Also, sweet thrifty finds!

  3. Aaaahhhh- take me thrifting!!! You find the best stuff! I want that owl but of course you're hogging it =P

  4. The story tellers are great. Will you be selling them?

    1. Yes! If you want to email me I would be happy to send you photos. CoraDCrandall@gmail.com

  5. I'm so jealous of your thrifting skills! lol. I need to find the time to do it!