Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On my mind

Michael Caine + Natalie Wood (source)

My girlfriend and I were talking the other night about how Papa and I are going to the Portland court house in August to tie the knot and how keeping it simple lately is our jam. My family is taking a road trip here so we figured it would be nice timing to get married then. Steve's parents will join as well. I played around with the idea of having a small backyard wedding/party for friend and family but I honestly didn't think I could handle planning it by myself now with Miles in our lives (he keeps me pretty busy). Luckily, my sweet friend totally offered to help me organize it and keep me on track with my budget. Rad! I'm thinking it would almost be better to have our families in town for the official court marriage but then a few weeks later enjoy the celebration with our friends at our home. Sounds groovy, right? 

A very sweet home wedding.
Love the lights and chairs. What a warm party!
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
Cool idea for anything.
Pretty pretty.

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