Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teeth, Cheers and a Tambourine

 Hi pretty friends! How the heck was everyone's three day weekend? Ours was pretty excellent. Lots of bbqing and extra time with papa. Miles currently has three teeth cutting through so bed time has been a little uncomfortable for my babe. He is actually taking the whole teething process a whole hell of a lot better then I would have expected so we really got lucky there. I on the other hand have had the unfortunate luck of having headaches/migraines all weekend long so mama wasn't quite her normal self. This weekend I also finally got caught up on the new season of Mad Men. I'm all over the place emotionally with this season. One of the earlier episodes left me feeling really down and upset for the rest of the day. Why!!! When Steve came home I had him watch Miles so I could distract my irritated self with pastries at a near by bakery. It totally worked. Also Steve and I are watching Cheers on Netflix... We are really cool and exciting like that. Oh hey, Im on the look out for a tambourine for me to play to Miles. Nothing fancy at all but If you come across one while thrifting and happen to not want it for yourself, please hold onto it for Miles and me. I will gladly pay you...duh. 

 Poor bubbie and his teeth.


  1. I am loving your Hair! Also you two in your stripes is perfection. My little lady is drooling like a mad woman! I am guessing some little teeth will be pushing through anytime now. So happy he is not doing too bad with it. Poor little man, teeth hurt! xo

  2. You guys look amazing Cora! looove that dress! Hopefully his teething goes fats... Trevee is still teething! But the other two when through it fast, and i'm sure Miles will also!

  3. oooohhh my goodness. I don't know who is cuter! seriously, how adorable are you guys? I am loving this blog! his hat ... I must get one for my baby nephew.

    1. Well, Thank you very much! I would side with the wee one being cuter :) H&M has great baby hats. I have two similar to this one that i got from there as well.