Friday, May 18, 2012

Weeks of finds

I've been not so great about updating around these parts but nothing too exciting is happening around here lately. Visiting my family in Las Vegas with Miles was awesome and Ill do a post about that next week but since being back home the same ol', same ol' is all thats been happening. Well, Papa did get a new job so hes pretty much working 7 days a week but when he is home he is so much happier. His last job was very rough on him physically and emotionally so coming home from a day of hard work meant that he was sort of not the happiest dude ever and to top it off he would fall asleep shortly after arriving home. This last week Ive seen a major change in his energy and all around spirit. Even though hes working more hes just...happier. Never unhappy with us but working at a shitty job with an argumentative construction team will leave you pretty tense for the rest of the day. Miles has been a sweet boy as usual and will be receiving new moccasins from papa in the mail shortly!! And for this here mama, I am tired. Like really really tired. The past few nights Ive attempted to write on her and have literally fallen asleep mid paragraph but I'm up now with ice cream and all to keep me wide eyed. Portland has been beautiful, absolutely beautiful this past week. Such a treat to return from Vegas to sweet, warm weather in my hometown. Miles and I have been partaking in afternoon hammock swings and outdoor lunches almost everyday this week. Ive been daydreaming about our upcoming wedding party this summer. Ill post about that next week as well. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite thrifting purchases from the last few weeks. A lot of my thrift and junkin' finds go directly to the antique mall so I haven't had much luck with taking photos before they end up there but here are some I recently snapped.

 Aww, These two make me smile.

 I really wanted this Gunne Sax dress to fit. Damn you tiny betches! Oh, I'm kidding....

 Gorgeous soft leather boots!!

 Cutie pie Saltwaters

I'm sort of Osh Kosh crazy!

 Miles has better clothes then me..

 Sweet sneaks for the babe.

While pregnant I started collecting old photo albums for our new family and I'm so happy to add this pretty baby to the pile.

 A dollar for the two was too good of a deal to pass up on these unfinished embroideries!

 "Steve, Miles, Cora" pretty cute right? It's a photo wallet and I'm not sure I'll even use it but it's too sweet to sell.

 These Native American place mats/ rugs were a real cool find.

 These owl planters I keep!! Usually I'm pretty good about selling even the coolest of things that I want to keep but Steve reasoned me into saving these. Honestly, I haven't held onto much of my thrift find besides most of the kiddo stuff for Miles in sometime. My darling man thought it was fine time to keep something for myself. Atta boy and aint he right!


  1. That cardigan is adorable! I wish we had second hand scores like that here.

  2. The oshkosh overalls are simply adorable!
    Sometimes it is so hard to keep your eyes open at night, rest up xx

  3. Oh maannn, those floral Salt Waters are TOO CUTE. Want!

    1. Hey sugar, Check out the etsy shop to see if their your size!

  4. Those saltwaters are amazing! what a great find