Friday, May 25, 2012

Instagram weeks

 My sweet dreamy boy is getting big. Fact!

 Bye Papa! Taken a few weeks ago before leaving to Las Vegas.

This ones a favorite of mine! 

Trying on his cousins sunnies. Silly baby!

 My best friend- My sister (and Ella!)

 Those are sleepy eyes.

 Finally ready to finish painting our bedroom! I'm sick of looking at two walls that are partially painted.

 Aw, Willow cat. This baby girl is by my side at all times.

Quick stop thrifting finds: a woven basket for toys, this sweet teddy xylophone and pretty pattern fabric.

Hi baby, Whatcha thinking about?


  1. Hello, I've just clicked over from beetle shack and just had to say that I really, really, really, want your rug. And your shoes. Kellie xx

    1. Hey Olive's mama! Thanks so much for admiring my run and shoes! I really enjoy your blog, You have the sweetest family!