Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You can do this

Hey good looking, I wanted to share this DIY gift for Mother's Day prior to the holiday but with being out of town I never got around to it until now. I figured it was still worth sharing for an easy gift idea thats fun to make. Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess posted this cute DIY cigar box scrapbook and I thought this would be a really sweet Mothers Day gift for my mom and sister. I didn't have time to make these before heading to Las Vegas last week so I made them at my sister's house on limited crafts and supplies and for the items I didn't have I ended up going to Target and Joann Fabric for the rest.
So I started off by finding two cigar boxes from a thrift store but you could use any box really. I then found pretty gift bag paper that I traced and cut to fit the top and sides of the wooden gift. I added really cute 1970's gingham sticky drawer liner for the inside of both packages. Later I used Modge Podge to seal the top and inside for maximum hold. Since my time was limited and I wasn't home, I ended up purchasing scrapbook stickers to help personalize the two gifts. Joann Fabric and Michaels Arts and Craft stores have a huge selection of scrapbook paper, stickers, cool tape, glitter...seriously you name it!  I've been holding onto a large pile of owl note tags that actually ended up working out lovely for personal notes for my mom and sister. I made copies of special family photos of when we were kids and of our own families now and divided them between the two boxes. This was a really simple project that you can make for family and friends or to keep for yourself to scrapbook your babies first year or your college graduation. You could seriously go wild with all the fun things to add to each box like little paper pockets, feathers or other small treasures. Have fun!


  1. i love this idea! i need to find time to do this for a bday present for Brooke next week, she would love it :)

    1. This would be such a great gift for Brooke! Let me know how it turns out xoxo Go to the cigarette shop next to Major and ask for an empty cigar box. I'm sure they sell them for a couple dollars.