Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekly thrift finds

I am so in love with all of our colorful finds from last week! I found the eagle cushion at an estate sale for fifty cents! It's totally handmade and has wheels on the bottom too. I was so happy to find another large woven basket to store blankets in the living room and Miles has fun dragging it around. The clogs unfortunately don't fit (too small, too big dammit!) so I hauled them to the antique mall already but the Southwestern tapestry is a keeper! We're talking about updating our bedroom right now so I'm excited to incorporate this in our design.
 I SCORED on these vintage state pennants while visiting my mom a few weeks ago. A huge pile at such a killer price and there was even an Oregon one too!
I picked up this super cool vintage pedal car for Miles and we already have big plans on restoring it for summer. Miles' feet don't quite reach yet but he's enjoyed climbing all over it and being pushed by papa.


  1. You seriously find the best stuff! I love it, especially that pedal car!

  2. Where'd you score the pedal car?

  3. Woaa! Best thrift finds! Superrrr jelous.