Friday, February 22, 2013

A steady home

Well, we are back home and happy. I'm missing my family terribly but I absolutely love being home with hubby. It has taken me a good week to start feeling back to normal around here. I promise you that I finally just unpacked our suitcases tonight, blahh. Two naps a day, bananas and peanut butter, thrift shops, post office, dinner prep, dad's home around 6, catch up on our fave shows, bath time... it's all pretty basic stuff but I'm thankful to have a routine somewhat back in action. I know I haven't been keeping up on the blog lately and frankly I've felt a little lackluster towards the whole blogging world over the past few months. Since Instagram keeps me vaguely up to speed on what my favorite mama bloggers are up to, I feel like my time has been more directed towards mellowing out with Miles at night and getting to be early instead of being on the computer till 2 (Ahem, like tonight!). I have a few awesome DIY plans for next week, fun projects too! Plus, our vacation photos!!

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