Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shopping tips!

Miles shopping

Hi mamas and papas, over the past few months shopping with Miles has become a real challenge at times. Walking was a major game changer with my kid. He wants to run and explore everything possible when we're out which makes running to the store an hour long trip with a few tantrums along the way. Being a mama that picks and sells we are out at thrift stores, estate sales and target (duh) all day long but the number one thing I always try and remember is that my kiddo has a limit to his patience and if he's hungry or tired or even over stimulated it can increase irritability and at that point my errands can wait because my kiddo can not! I know as parents we try and use as many tricks to keep our babies from being out of control so I thought I'd share what helps our outings to be a little more tolerable these days.
1. I know most kids hate wearing sunglasses and hats but my boy loves them so to keep his hands occupied he plays with them and puts them on his and my face a good billion times.
2. STICKERS RULE! Seriously, this is a new one for us and he loves it! I keep a pack of stickers in my bag so while we wait in line it helps distract him. I stick them all over us and he has a blast taking them off my face and hands.
3. I recently added a ton of educational games and videos to my Nook so that Miles can play with it while in the shopping cart or car.
4. We try not to give Miles too many sweets but Redvines are the best and take forever for kiddos to eat.
5. Music makers are awesome toys and keeps your kiddos hands busy. Miles is usually happy sitting inside the cart playing with his light up guitar and tambourine.
6. SNACKS! Baby food pouches, fruit bars and string cheese are our jam! Miles is always hungry so I bring food that's easy for him to independently east while we are out for the day.
7. Snack container and drink leashes are genius! Miles is a thrower so being able to attach his sippy cup to the cart makes life just a little bit easier.

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