Friday, March 8, 2013

What Miles Wore

 If you know me at all, you know I really love dressing my kiddo!
Sometimes people think that because you have a boy it's more difficult to dress them in cool clothes other then onsies with sports teams and animals on them. Honestly, I have way too much fun in the boys clothing sections then the girls and most of the time we go to the girls section for unisex jeans and leggings.Over the last few years a lot of shops have started to introduce really funky/fashionable boy items and Target, H&M and Old Navy are just a few of the affordable options out there. We have really good luck finding unique and inexpensive shoes and clothes at resales clothing stores and thrift shops too. He has so many awesome sneakers and moccasins that I purchase from other mamas online or resale shops and surprisingly I always find his Converse at thrift stores (he has six pairs of hightops he's waiting to grow into!!). Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. I find that he always looks extra adorable when wearing printed leggings with bright shoes and striped socks. Because we frequently are complimented on Miles' fun style, I thought it would be cool to do a weekly post on "what Miles wore" to show how I mix a little bit of new, thrifted and vintage into his outfits.


  1. Liam's fashion icon. Haha. I love miles style way too much....enough to have a daily debate with various friends and family members about my boy in leggings! I never even thought of dressing Liam in leggings until I started shopping and selling on instagram! Now I'm obsessed and need about a million more leggings for Liam! I love masonandthetambouine leggings and the hand stamped one lovedbyheidiandeli is making these days...where do you generally find all of miles awesome leggings?!?!

  2. yay! my little dude is due in a few weeks and its so nice to watch you dress miles in the coolest threads! gives me inspiration!