Wednesday, January 23, 2013

See ya!

I'm taking advantage of Miles' nap time with finishing up packing and taking a minute to sit and eat my pb&j. Let me tell ya, packing as a family is way more difficult then packing for just one. Miles and I traveled a lot last year so I feel like I have flying with a baby on lock down (who the hell am I kidding?) but when your ocd about organization like me, trying to get everything in order for a three week vacation is a doozy! Steve, Miles and myself are heading to Southern California to visit my hometown and spend time with my family and friends and I am SO excited! Steve's only staying with us till next week but Miles and I are sticking around a little longer. We're going to be spending time in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Mexico but we are going to be totally missing Papa as soon as he leaves! Well, I probably should get back to it before bubbie wakes up. Wish us a safe flight!
Oh ya, check out Miles' sweet booty and socks courtesy of dad!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. What a great lookin' family you've got and I'm excited to see more. Enjoy your trip. It sounds fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! We have been having a blast!

  2. oh my gosh Miles is SO CUTE!