Friday, November 16, 2012


Well hi! It's sure been a little quiet around here but next week I promise to be back to my regular blogging. This has been a busy week. Tons of home improvement while my mom was in town. Lots of thrift shopping and to-do list checking. A little Christmas shopping. And a mega amount of party planning for my kiddos first birthday. FIRST BIRTHDAY! Jeepers, what a year we have had! A great one indeed! Oh, and I forget to tell you that Miles modeling interview was fan-freaking-tastic and they are signing him to their agency! I can't wait for what this next chapter holds for us. Anyways, I have an awesome diy planned for next week plus some other fun posts but in the meantime check out some cool links.
Great gift wrapping ideas.
Love these family photo tips.
Christmas gift lifesaver.
I can't wait to see this when it's finished.
Ooh, I adore Rachels living space.
Awesome home.
Saw this on A Cup Of Jo and had to share.


  1. There you are!! I have been missing your post and your pics on instagram! I was about to text you and make sure you were ok! But, I kind of thought you may have been enjoying a little break. xoxo -Danielle
    I finally have my own blog up and running! Yah!

    1. I totally enjoyed a break. I find its always a little hard to keep up with the blog and everything else when family is visiting too. Congrats on the blog!!

  2. You are the sweetest!!!