Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY patches

Hey friends! I thought I'd start this short week off with a cool diy for you kiddo. Making patches is super easy and makes an ordinary jacket special. We always get a ton of compliments when Miles wears his cutie pie Motorhead jacket so I figured I'd show y'all how simple it was to make one yourself. 

 First you'll need a jean jacket or jean vest for your kiddo. I always score jackets for Miles at thrift stores at a really affordable price and if you want to make a sweet vest for your babe, you wont feel too bad about cutting off the arms.

I usually find a fun band shirt that Miles has grown out of and cut around the logo or picture to make a shape that fits the back of the jacket perfectly. Ive found a lot of cool t shirts for him at H&M, Target and Old Navy. Keep your eyes peeled while shopping for sizes that are even smaller then what your child is so that you can use them in the future for patches. 

You can either use your sewing machine (waaaay easier) or hand sew your new patch to the back of your babies jacket. Don't fuss about making it look too perfect. A homemade look always looks cool when adding patches to something. 

 As you can see, the inside looks a little funky but don't worry because no one can see it but you!

 And there you have it, a super cute rock n' roll jacket for your little sweetheart! 
Check out Mr. Serious up there!