Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A few links

 Howdy friends! How was everyone's three day weekend? Ours was pretty damn swell. A few weeks ago I decided to give up my one day a week shift at the restaurant to spend time with the family. Seriously, one day-big whoop! But with papa working six days a week and summer almost over, I knew I needed to at least have one whole day to be with my favorite guys. This last Sunday was our first day together, just the three of us, in quite sometime and It RULED! We were super amped because Steve had Monday off as well so we decided to spend all day Sunday in the sun and Monday designated for baby proofing our home. I cant wait to share all the cool baby proof ideas we came up with. Its so awesome having such a handy husband! That man can fix, build, imagine anything! He has helped make our home so much cooler and safer by adding really smart looking shelves throughout our house to keep baby paws off of our special collections. Ill post photos this week of all our house improvements but for now here are some cool links I think you'll dig.

This illustration makes me so happy and its even better that its a placemat! 
An important read for you and your young ones. 
 If your interested in killing a few hours with some pretty awesome pictures..
A fun party idea!
On the cheap doll house. 
My hair is pretty boring these days so when I need a little hair pick-me-up I like to go here
Just darling!
Beautiful colors on beautiful woman. 
Pretty pretties!


  1. Oh cool! I'd love to see what you guys did. We haven't had to baby-proof yet, but the need is only weeks away with our wiggleworm!

    1. Hey Jenelle, Im hoping to get some photos up this weekend of what we have done. Miles is growing so fast. One day he was just scooting around and the next hes standing up on things and getting into everything! Ahhhh, slow down baby boy :)

  2. Miles is so stinking cute! Loving that smile!