Saturday, September 1, 2012

kermit and blogging

Seriously, I am such a weirdo! I have been looking for a really good photo to best represent this post for like...hours! Well in my defense, Pinterest definitely had something to do with it. You know what that site does to you! So this is what y'all get, Kermit riding a damn bike! Im seriously dying of laughter right now.

Anyways, you guys notice the new digs around here? Looking great, right! The wonderful and might I add patient Talia over at Talia Christine worked her tush off to make this cool new layout for me. This exciting new look has got me thinking lately about a new-ish direction for the blog. Still going to have the same bones but I want more guided posts, more craft tutorials and maybe a little more mama style. I started this site to document the growth of Miles and I guess really the growth of me as a new mom but I think its time to juice it up around here! I know you guys love looking at my hunky baby (right!?) in almost every post but I would like to start adding more elements to my weekly posts. How do I become a super awesome blogger? Ive been eying a few of my favorite, thriving blogs to see what makes them so successful with readers and I think their range in topics keep their blogs fresh and exciting. Let me add that I don't just blog for reader approval and comment gratification but I really would love to start growing my reader base to also meet new people and learn about their blogs. Making connections with other bloggers is awesome! Just a few weeks ago a reader of mine wrote me an extremely kind and honest email and it made me appreciate the ability to meet people and other mamas through this site. 
So the plan is to shake it up around here with more DIYs, favorite links and yummy foods. What do you think!? 


  1. hahaha! That photo is awesome! And I totally love your new digs. :) Hope your weekend is a great one!

  2. i really cant wait to see all the stuff you talked about doing! i have to say i am quite jealous of your thrift store finds and i know irl our sons would be great little buddies:)