Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, you Sili!

I was looking forward to calling it an early night but instead I've been researching about baby food for the last two hours online. Do any of you other mamas buy baby food pouches for your kiddos? Man, Papa and I love them and Miles does too but at close to $2 per 3.5-4 oz. pouch, I decided to start looking for a similar feeding system but at a more affordable cost. When we first started Miles on food, we tried the baby food and spoon route but being a busy mama on the move the spoon started to become a major nuisance and thats when my sister showed me her 21 month old's baby food pouch. Brilliant!! We are so hooked now. I love the fact that the majority of the options are organic and that they are way less messy then spoon feeding. While at Target today I was looking at the cost of all the baby food and realized it would be much more affordable to buy the two-packs of baby food in the normal containers and just transfer it to a reusable pouch. Duh! Also, I want to start making my own baby purees at home but wanted a better traveling system for the food. So, tonight I became on a mission to find reusable baby food pouches that would work best for all of us. Unfortunately, there aren't too many companies who make them specifically for squeezing out purees but finally I found  Baeba Babypote which later led me to The Sili Squeeze. I read a ton of reviews on both because its a bit tricky to decide on one without being able to actually see and feel the pouch but eventually I decided on The Sili. What sold me was the spill-proof, flo controlled spout because we all know how much babies love to squeeze whatever they can get their little hands on. I'm super excited to save a little extra every month (yes, Im that cheap!) and have a BPA-free/ Phthalate-free, reusable pouch instead of ditching one every other day. I'll keep you guys posted when we start using it and if it has made feeding easier and more affordable. Also, If you've used one before, please fill me in on your experience!


  1. So smart! I have been on the look out for something similar. Thank you for showing me this!

  2. So neat! I'm definitely going to purchase one for my daughter. Thanks for the share.