Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In with the new!

 I'm a major nut for rearranging and accumulating things for my home and luckily since I thrift shop so often I usually find awesome things on the cheap! I have actually been on the look out for a cool booster seat for Miles but was avoiding Etsy and other online shops because of high shipping costs. Last week I made a quick pop in to my space at the antique mall and because the wee one was sleeping I made a fast run through to check out the new merchandise. Well what do you know, I found the sweetest seat at an even sweeter price for my boy and let me tell ya, he loves it! The wood and leather are super easy to clean because these days there is cracker and cookie mushy stuff on everything.

 Two Sundays ago while driving to work I passed a yard sale by my house with this super radical lamp on the lawn. I was so annoyed that I couldn't stop and snag it before anyone else could but luckily when I came home that evening my sweet hunk of a man bought it for me. He even found a good spot for it next to our bitchen' religious art. It unfortunately didn't come with a shade but thankfully I had this cool fiberglass one given to me by a girlfriend just waiting to be used. Check out the awesome light inside the green base!

While my mom was visiting last month she stopped into my neighborhood Goodwill and found this awesome wood folding divider for $10. Sadly, it's missing two top pieces but never the less its pretty dang cool. Miles has been getting into everything lately including our plants. Remember these fun plant stands I scored? Well, my mischievous boy kept pulling them down so to save the headaches papa moved the screen in front of the stands to help divide the plants from the kid. I thought instantly he would try to knock over the screen (only a matter of time) or pull the stands from underneath but luckily he hasn't been interested. I'm sad that I cant enjoy my pretty plants right now but at least this way they still get plenty of sun.

The winner to last weeks All About Heidi giveaway is Janelle! Thank you everyone who entered!

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  1. All your thrift finds are cool, you have a great eye.