Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Before the wedding- part two

 The afternoon of the ceremony is a little fuzzy to remember. During this time we waited for our reverend who was an hour late so you can just imagine my nerves during this time. Miles wasn't feeling so hot either. A tooth had broken in a few days after the wedding so I think my babe was a little achy and not his normal smiley self. I love the photos of Steve and Miles together. My husband is one foxy fox! The photos of my mom and I are super special too. She is one hell of a woman! She worked so hard to make everything extra wonderful and I am so grateful for her support and strength. I wish I would have gotten more photos of Steve and his father John. His dad is such a cool man. Him and his wife Carol are the kindest folks and are so loving with Miles. Steve's sister Erin luckily made it out for the event as well. She flew in the night before from Idaho and left super early the next morning to head back for work. So rad of her to join us. My three sweet nieces are AWESOME! Seriously, these girls are so much fun to hang out with. Taylor, my older girl, handed us the rings while Lily, the middle sister, was the flower girl. We suggested that they both walk up and hand us the rings but Lily insisted that only boys do that and girls throw flowers. Duh! She even asked if Miles could be the ring bearer and have someone walk him up. That girl! Taylor took the position as "ring girl" and so Lily was in charge of flowers. My sister made our turquoise and red velvet cake and it was freaking delicious! At the start of the day I was wishing that we had invited all of our friends but honestly by the end of the evening I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness that it only seemed appropriate to share it with the people we love the very most. The evening was intimate and memorable and I am so thankful to have had our families by our side. 
My father unfortunately could not make it to our wedding due to work obligations in Los Angeles but sent all of his love our way. Not having him be apart of that day was super sad for me but I know he loves Steve and I so much and we will celebrate when we visit him in November.
(read on for more photos of before the wedding)

 Taylor and Ella
 Steve's step mom and my mama

 I know I don't look very excited but I AM, I promise!
 sleepy baby
mama and me

 My sister and Ella

 Steve's sister Erin
Yes! I love this photo of Steve's family (and mine too!!).
We got married in front of this sign our nieces made for us.


  1. Hello my wonderful friends! Cora - first off - YOU are Beautiful! Seriously, you look amazing and of course you are amazing! Steve - you bad ass StuD! Handsome Man you are! Can't forget little Miles..super adorable of course, and extra cool that he was there for his parent's happy day. Congrats you two! Brad and I are really happy for you! ...don't forget you can hit me up for babysitting. :)
    love you guys, so glad to see you so happy together! Extra special that your families got to spend this time with you both.
    luv, Kim and Brad

    1. Thank you SO much, Kim and Brad! Reading this made me so damn happy! I am so happy as well that Miles was apart of our special day. That was such a cool part of the day. Thank you for all the kind and loving words. We love you guys too! xoxo

  2. I am so in love with all these pictures!!! You guys aren't even real ;). My favorite picture?? The one with your head on sweet miles. So perfect!!!! So happy for you mama. Hope to see you two babes soon xoxo
    <3 Susan & Addison

    1. Thanks love! It was a really special day for us. I love that photo too! Can't wait to see you girls in a few months!


  3. Oh my goodness Cora, these pictures brought me to tears!!! Still so bummed I wasn't there, but I'm so happy you shared all of these great pictures with us! I can't wait to show Trinity and Juan later :) Love you!

    1. Aww, Amanada! I so wish you guys could have been there!! Thankfully a good friend of ours took these wonderful photos so I could share them with friends and family and especially my dad. Cant wait to see you guys. xoxox