Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We are back

Well, hi there! Babe and I got back into a sunny Portland Saturday night from our two week vacation with family in Southern California. We sure missed papa a whole bunch but now being home I'm missing my sister real bad. Luckily my mom, sister and girls will be traveling my way in three weeks for our WEDDING! I feel like Miles has done some seriously awesome growing while out of town from starting to figure out the basics of crawling to independently eating solid food. Holy smokes, this boy is growing so fast!! Check out those pearly whites too. Four on the top and two on the bottom with two more coming in. Ahhh, slow down kiddo! I cant wait to show you all of the fantastic things we brought home. Our dearest family friend generously gave me 15 boxes of super cool treasures for the antique mall and our home so Ill be posting more on that later in the week. Right now Ive got a sweaty, sleeping baby laying on my tummy who is making (loud) snoring sounds so I think I better retire the both of us for the night. Glad to be back home xoxo

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  1. welcome back! i was just thinking yesterday that i missed your posts.