Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday was a good day

Check out my new family illustration with a little you know who added. So cool! Danielle over at Yelley once again did such an amazing job, right down to Miles' moccasins. I cant wait to add it to my new layout here once the blog is updated. Talia is kicking ass at making it look great!

Yesterday I celebrated my very first Mother's Day and it felt pretty damn special. Papa had to work for a portion of the day but we were able to have a sweet breakfast before he left. Miles and I spent our day in the sun, took a couple swings on the hammock and then happily had a two hour nap. Later when Steve came home we bbqed in amazing weather (finally, thank you Portland!!) and watched a few flicks. It was so rad spending the day outside with baby and papa sharing lots of laughs and smooches.

Man, I really am one blessed mama. These two fellas fill my life with laughter and make my heart swell. Being a mother to Miles is a dream. He is such a lovely, happy baby and I can't wait to make years and years of memories. And my darling Steve, you are such a cool papa. Thank you for our baby boy and the family that we have. Fatherhood looks damn good on you.

Mama, you are one hell of a woman and I am forever thankful for your love and generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you so much!
Clair, you are such a terrific sister, my absolute best friend and an amazing mother to your girls. I look up to you for advise about motherhood through this new journey of mine and value your opinion so dearly. Thank you for being such a kind and patient person and for always being by my side.

 I hope all you mamas out there had a sweet day with your family and friends!

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