Friday, May 11, 2012

Instagram (last) Week

 Honestly, I'm way too lazy to even write captions for these photos taken last week but I think there pretty self explanatory. Lots of papa time whenever hes home is the best. Seriously, the extra hands at the end of the day save my tired self, plus watching those two just "hang" is awesome! 
Miles and I are heading back home tomorrow. Don't you hate when you have to leave family? Fortunately, we will be visiting my mom in San Diego at the end of June so I'll be seeing her soon but man, am I going to miss my sister. By the way my (first!!!) Mother's Day gift from my mom was a deep tissue massage. Uhhhmazing! Pregnancy and funky sleep has caused serious issues in my upper back and neck which has lead to headaches every day so having this sweet saint of a man help alleviate some of the issues was the best gift this mama could receive.
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