Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scout Vs Scout

 Scout Vs Scout is a Portland Oregon based Etsy store that sells a sweet offering of vintage denim and Pendleton print jackets among other kiddo clothing. While looking through the shop, I immediately noticed the southwestern influence in some of the handmade items and fell in love with their children's Pendleton camp chair and throw pillows. Scout Vs Scout kindly sent us over a super cool vintage Levis kids jacket for Miles. Since my baby bub is still a little guy I had my mini friend Bobbi Jean* take it for a test drive. It looked so damn cute on her that I thought it would be pretty awesome if she broke it in until Miles was big enough to wear it.

*This here girl is Bobbi Jean and she rules! She already has a cool collection of turquoise jewelry, just turned three and has radical parents. I think Miles and her are going to be good buds!

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