Saturday, May 5, 2012

Instagram (last) Week

Woaah guys, sorry if all you heard were crickets around here the past two weeks. Sometimes (most of the time) Miles keeps me real busy and with Steve working a lot right now Ive had even less time to just kick it on the computer. So here is last-last weeks instagram week to start catching up.

1. Taking a snooze on the hammock.
2. Enjoyed a Bbq with friends!
3. Handsome papa
4. We run a lot of errands and are out most of the day so I try and spend at least one whole day a week at home listening to records and watching movies, basically do nothing!
5. Finallllly painting our bedroom. Well....thats about as far as we got but its in the works when I get back from Vegas.
6. Miles room
7. Bowling!
8. Two peas in a pod!
9. I have finally found a rad print that works perfectly in my leather frame!

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