Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pickers delight

How was everyone's weekend...and Monday and Tuesday? Gahhh, where are the days going!? Papa got a super cool job that starts next week and while hes starting that, baby bubs and I are taking a sweet little vacation to visit my sister in Las Vegas! I can't wait to spend time in the sun with my family for a week.
 I've been meaning to write about the awesome garage sale event that Miles and I went to a few weeks ago. My little helper and I went to The Portland Expo Center to a 400 vendor garage sale. Holy smokes, did we have fun! There was a lot of junk to pick through and some of the spaces were a little over priced but all in all I think we did great at a really affordable price. There will be another sale in Washington at the end of July that we are going to. If your in the area definitely check it out!
Things we left with:
A beautiful large basket for Mile's clothing hamper.
A hand woven flat basket that I added to our wall.
Three neat southwestern woven rugs. I have been collecting small ethnic rugs for years so I was so delighted to find all three of these for under $5!
An chef monkey with a porcelain head. Funky!
Classic wooden block alphabet toy with numbers, letters and pictures.
One owl bank and two wall owls.
Ive been looking for a good wall lamp for by my bed and the sweet yellow makes it even better.
Story books for my boo.
Two Ugly Dolls for my niece that were a dollar each.
My most favorite find that day were the bark cloth curtain for our "new" bedroom.

No biggie, just hanging out on the Target fitting room floor controlling a baby meltdown. Don't be fooled by his jolly face and my half ass grin, he made certain that there would be no trying on clothes that day.

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  1. Awesome finds! And I love Target... it's hard to keep me away from that place lol by the way, your baby is precious!