Friday, April 27, 2012

Mornings With Miles

The sun has been kind to us here in Portland this past week. Undoubtedly, yesterday's lovely morning was interrupted by heavy rain. Miles and I had a  morning snooze in the hammock before the clouds rolled through and after our nap papa snapped these sweet photos of our bubs.
Besides from having a day out with a sweet new friend, purchasing the wrong color paint at Home Depot and a few trips to the library, my week has been filled with procrastination and a wiggly baby. Ive been needing to update my new Etsy shop and finish a number of projects started around the house but with Miles perched on my hip most of the day and papa working after work, Ive had little time to myself this week. However starting tomorrow things are getting checked off the list, my friends! Fussy baby or not, this mama is going to finally repot the indoor succulents and take our neurotic cat to the vet. 
Also if your stumped on a Netflix movie to watch, check out Bag It.. Its a good one!
AND say hi to Em over at The Beetle Shack and enter one of her fun giveaways ending today.

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  1. cuddling in the hammock with baby seems like the best thing ever. oh, and I am obsessed with your blog header. just fyi.