Tuesday, July 9, 2013

These people are my kind of people.

 Being away from this papa for a whole month was not good for any of us. For starters, the husband was miserable working his ass off 10 hours a day, six days a week and coming home to a quiet home with no real meal to eat and no crazy kiddo to fill his arms with after work. No fun. In fact, it really sucked bad for him. Me being gone last month really screwed with our finances and everything fell behind like things usually do when there's no one home to look after those things. So on top of working too much, no wife or son to be with and absolutely no money for four weeks really left him feeling like shit. My husband isn't a very emotionally romantic sort of fella but to hear him say how much he was missing us was sort of a blessing in disguise. You know how absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well, in our case it really did. We weren't having any problems or anything but like most relationships, some space will do you all good. I came back really damn excited to be home. I really, really missed my house and my cats and most of all my sweetheart. I feel like I needed some space from Portland and my home to really appreciate what a badass life we have (broke or not!). I feel like I'm less on the computer and my phone when Steve gets home and more outside hanging with my guys. Don't you sometimes feel like you maybe spend too much time on blogs, pinterest, instagram, netflix or is that just me!? I've recently tried to keep my blogging and computer time for when the fellas fall asleep so I can have uninterrupted hang time with them in the evening and it's been so awesome! Dinners outside, lots of hammock time, beers with papa and Miles on the skateboard starring at bees on our wildflowers is way better then the computer any day. I guess what this post is about is just taking the time to step away from the routine with your family to really appreciate what you have and actually make a change for the better.

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