Saturday, July 27, 2013

More mushy stuff!

 My friend and amazing photographer, Margaret Jacobsen, sent me a few photos from last weeks photo shoot for Camp Wolf. They look SO cool and I can't wait to see the rest!! Also, see that rad "Stay Local" shirt on Farrin? Well, I have Prefresh to thank MAJOR for giving all of my models really awesome tees for the shoot. It's pretty incredible how generous and supportive people are when you really need help. I am blown away by everyone who has been there for me during this time. Starting a business is tough shit! I mean, there are days where I am extremely overwhelmed to be doing this alone (not anymore thanks to my new right hand lady, Cristin!) and then I remember that there are people and businesses out there who believe in what I'm doing and are willing to associate their name with my line. These are all strong woman who offer advice, products and friendship and have all been in my very position at one point. I'm also so thankful to have an incredible friend and graphic designer, Danielle Rauto, bringing all of my ideas to life and is willing to trade products and take payments for her services. So amazing right!? Nicole from Lillies and Leon has been another huge supporter of us right from the start. She's written really kind reviews about Camp Wolf and is always offering to help spread the word. A huge thank you to Cristin for joining along on the ride and being as excited about Camp Wolf as I am! I can't forget to include my friends and family who have donated time and money, free sewing lessons (Yay, Val!) and countless hours to watch Miles (Thanks Meagan!!). My mom and sister have been by my side every step of the way and when I have a hard day and feel super discouraged, they are there to tell me everything's ok, which is all you really need to hear sometimes. And my sweet, hard working husband makes it possible for me to be with Miles all day and start a business from home. But lastly, my biggest source of inspiration every single hour of the day is my sweet pal, Miles. He's the reason for ALL of this, my mini muse. 
This didn't mean to start off as a rambling thank you list but I'm glad it did because life has become really exciting and overwhelming lately and sometimes I forget to thank those who make it all possible.


  1. aww! photos are so great! these kids look adorable! :)

  2. I love this!! I am so excited for your venture with Camp Wolf! As soon as you'd like, I'd love to post something (or have you do a write up) of Camp Wolf on my blog. Seriously, so inspired by your dedication and creativity!

  3. The photos are insanely beautiful. I am so proud of you and Lucas and I are anxiously waiting the big launch!!! You rock mama <3