Thursday, December 27, 2012


 So long Christmas, you sure were sweet to us this year! 
Last Christmas we spent the day in the ER with a week old baby with a bad eye infection so this year we were really happy to be home with our healthy boy. Miles had such a fun time opening his gifts, tearing the wrapping paper and playing with his new toys. Every time he opened a present her would say "Ooooh" with excitement! The rest of our day was spent watching Christmas movies, napping and cooking. I'd say we had a pretty terrific holiday! We definitely missed our families out of state but caught up with everyone over the phone and Skype. Hopefully next year we can celebrate with my sister and her family so that all of our kids can be together.
 Grandma and Grandpa spoiled him with really cool, fun gifts. One of the presents they got him was a light-up toy cell phone that he absolutely loves! All morning he walked around the house with the phone up to his ear saying "HHHHHiii" in the sweetest voice imaginable! Aww man, it was the cutest thing EVER!!
 Papa really loved this one!
 Miles got a ton of shoes!
My in-laws surprised me with these awesome Sam Edleman boots that I had been coveting over but couldn't afford. When I opened the box I literally screamed with excitement! These babies are such a treat for me! My sister also sent us an awesome package that we opened a few days before Christmas. She gave Miles the coolest alphabet bocks and nesting element cave along with other neat goodies. She sent Steve and I beautiful new bedding that I had been eying for months too! My mom bought our plane tickets for our trip next month to Southern California which was crazy nice of her and my dad got Miles a new stroller! Also, Miles scored a few Target gifts cards from Steve's sister and our friends which we had no problem spending on fun toys and clothes for him :)We were spoiled and blessed to have such a rich holiday with love and thoughtfulness and we hope that yours was just as fulfilling and special!


  1. your home looks so festive! I love it!

  2. What a gorgeous holiday home! It looks so cheery and fun.

    I am in love with the photo frame you gave your husband - where is it from? :)