Sunday, December 25, 2011


Happy Holidays friends!
Yesterday Miles right eye started looking pretty irritated and  by night his eye was fully shut with scary looking goop. Needless to say I got no sleep worrying about our boo. This morning his eye was in even worse shape so I called his pediatrician and she kindly (on Christmas!) met me at her office to look at his face. She then instructed us to head to the children's emergency room which we did. To make a long story short they gave Miles antibiotics and took a culture to find out  more. Im sure it is just a normal infection but holy smokes, this mama sure worried her ass off! 
We got home a few hours ago and finally had breakfast and opened gifts. Now we are tuckered out with full bellies and thankful hearts!

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  1. Oh poor baby and poor mama :( so hard! My little girl had an eye goopy deal when she was about a month old and, odd as it sounds, spraying a little breast milk on it cleared it right up! (apparently is is a super cure for pink eye too!)